2018 Serious League Draft Recap

Thank you all for carving out four hours on a Saturday night to draft this weekend. Finding a good date for this thing will only get more difficult as we grow older and have more daughters, so I appreciate everyone making the time and putting up with having the draft two and a half weeks before Opening Day. 

Thanks also to Jamie and Taylor for hosting the laptop party. Ten beer-drinking, chip-eating, candy-smashing dudes with gas yelling about closer committees and FAAB … not the best house guests! We are deeply grateful for their hospitality. 

Here are some photos from the get-together, courtesy of photog Kyle. Seyf had on the same Howie Kendrick jersey he wore to the 2008 draft at Godfathers. Jamie was wearing a really cool grey Las Vegas Knights hat. Nolan had a lot of Snus in his mouth. (It’s all about the buzz.) 

Before we get to the team-by-team analysis, let’s recap the major storylines from the draft. 

Matt and Casey make their debut 

[This is where a great photo of these two would go, had we taken one.]

There was no real doubt the new guys would fit beautifully into the group. Most of us have entered into either Matt’s or Casey’s orbit over the years and can attest to them being “good dudes.” They confirmed this Saturday night by bringing engaging stories, relaxed conversation, and good old-fashioned new owner hiccups. 

Between the two of them, Matt and Casey had three electronic drafting devices, a ream of paper with handwritten notes, and truly breathtaking style. (Really cool hats!) No spoilers, but their roster is also nothing to sneeze at. We may be looking at a third consecutive strong rookie year from Xavier alumni. 

I also vaguely recall the new guys winning their fair share of beer pong games afterwards. They were a delight to have around, and I sure am glad they're in the league! 

Controversy! Ols and Rim Not On Speaking Terms After Unfortunate Roster and Nominating Issues 


Listen, yours truly tipped a few back Saturday night. Too many, some might say. (Me. I would say that.) The Official Drink of the Serious League (Coors Light) was going down smooth and fellas,,, I’m paying the price as we speak. 

So when the most intense moment of any recent draft occurred, I was indeed what most folks would consider “drunk”. It took me even longer than usual to wrap my head around the brain-buster of a situation presented by Ols’ roster. 

As we know, Ols traded Giancarlo Stanton to Maloof for Yoan Moncada and $50 FAAB three days before the draft. Because we are unable to make trades or roster changes in the ESPN software between the time keepers locked and the end of the draft, I assigned Moncada a $33 salary and Stanton a $10 salary so the team auction budgets would be accurate. Obviously I knew this would be an inconvenience for these owners come draft day, but I did not think it would prevent either team from appropriately filling out their roster. 

Ols drafted his team as if Moncada was on his roster instead of Stanton, like any rational person would. In doing this, he left a middle infield spot open and filled out his nine pitcher slots and three bench spots. With a good chunk of change left toward the end of the draft, Ols was ready to outbid the rest of us for closers. But ESPN would have none of it! 

There are three factors that contributed to this issue (I think. Idk my head still hurts): 

  1. The new draft app (more on that later) does not allow us to move drafted players to other eligible positions. I don’t know if Ols could have finagled anything to make room on his bench, but if that opportunity existed, he would not have been able to do so anyway. (God knows what would have happened if he owned Shohei Ohtani.) 
  2. Our ESPN league had no way of knowing that trade occurred. This is pretty cut-and-dry. Rosters are locked post-keepers and pre-draft, and owners must fill each position on their rosters during the draft. (You can’t draft 25 pitchers.) So when Ols filled his bench, even though one of those bench players was drafted with the intention of replacing a soon-to-be-traded outfielder, he was unable to add to it. 
  3. I could not override anything in the moment. When Ols found himself in this unprecedented jam, short of rolling back the previous 20 or 30 or however many picks it would take to open a pitcher spot for him, there was nothing anyone could do to fix it. 

I wish this didn’t happen! It was an unfortunate and unintended consequence of our keeper trading policy. I’m sorry you were stuck in this situation, Ols. 

Next year, I suggest we refrain from trading keepers or FAAB before the draft. If ESPN won’t allow us to make roster moves during this time, then we shouldn’t make them. There aren’t any easy workarounds for trades involving players that play different positions. As Ols himself said after I realized rosters were locked, “That sounds like too much work.” I agree! Let’s not do it anymore. 

The New ESPN Draft App Is A Major Step Back In Almost Every Conceivable Way

Open the image in a new tab if you want to trigger some PTSD.

Open the image in a new tab if you want to trigger some PTSD.

The new ESPN draft app, a “Lite” version of the tried-and-true interface we’ve used for more than a decade, was our only option. It sucked in more ways than we expected. 

Here are a few of the big negatives: 

  • Suggested auction values are not displayed for players up for bid 
  • Only bare-bones projections are visible for players up for bid 
  • There is no option to view unavailable players 
  • The queue (formerly the Watch List) is in the same window as your roster, making it difficult to see either at the same time 
  • While the activity window on the right is vertical (this is good), it does not automatically scroll down when players are drafted or owners send messages (at least on PCs), the first time in internet history a window has been designed this way 
  • The auctioneer voice says “Going once … going twice …” one time for each player. When the clock is reset, his voice does not follow 
  • Owners are unable to move players to different eligible positions on their rosters 
  • When an owner completed his roster, the application crashed

I’m sure there are many other dumb glitches in this dumb new interface, but those are the ones I came up with off the top of my head. It is truly unfathomable how ESPN’s fantasy could be shut down for three weeks for “maintenance”, only to have no major changes made to the game interface, followed by an unannounced major downgrade to the draft application three weeks before baseball season. 

I want to keep this league on ESPN forever, but each year they make it harder and harder to justify that choice. 


This is the part of the update where I make fun of your picks because I’m so deeply disappointed in my own after what I would estimate to have been 95 hours of concentrated draft preparation.



$48 Nolan Arenado, Col 3B
$33 Joey Votto, Cin 1B (K) 
$25 Carlos Carrasco, Cle SP
$21 Kenley Jansen, LAD RP
$20 Christian Yelich, Mil OF
$15 Jonathan Schoop, Bal 2B
$14 A.J. Pollock, Ari OF
$13 Gerrit Cole, Hou SP
$12 Wil Myers, SD 1B (K)
$10 Adam Jones, Bal OF
$9 Blake Treinen, Oak RP
$8 Javier Baez, ChC SS
$7 Mark Melancon, SF RP
$5 Kevin Gausman, Bal SP
$3 Kevin Kiermaier, TB OF
$3 Logan Morrison, Min 1B
$3 Sam Dyson, SF RP
$2 Mallex Smith, TB OF
$2 Kole Calhoun, LAA OF
$2 Jose Peraza, Cin SS
$1 Shin-Soo Choo, Tex OF
$1 Dan Straily, Mia SP
$1 Drew Pomeranz, Bos SP
$1 Brad Ziegler, Mia RP
$1 Welington Castillo, CWS C

There’s nothing average about Seyf’s average! Haha thanks for reading fellas. 

With Arenado, Votto, and Yelich, Seyf ensured his boys are gonna put the bat on the ball out there. All three players are projected by ESPN to hit .300 or better, just about unheard of in this era. Even the higher-risk steals guys he picked up late in the draft won’t pull down his AVG much. Consider me a fan of this offense. 

Best pick: At $5, Kevin Gausman wasn’t exactly a great value. But I predict a big year for the big man. Gausman just turned 27, is a former top-five pick, and had a .336 BABIP against last season. 

Worst pick: Gerrit Cole. On my Big Board, I had Cole worth $0, which is $13 less than what Seyf paid for him. I would have tried to get him for $0. 

Grade: B. The pitching won’t blow you away, but the offense is set up to grind out top-3 finishes in every category. 



$21 Rhys Hoskins, Phi 1B
$20 Buster Posey, SF C
$20 Justin Turner, LAD 3B
$18 Dallas Keuchel, Hou SP
$17 Anthony Rendon, Wsh 3B
$16 Rougned Odor, Tex 2B
$16 Manuel Margot, SD OF
$15 Edwin Diaz, Sea RP
$14 Jose Ramirez, Cle 2B (K)
$14 Eric Hosmer, SD 1B
$13 Cody Allen, Cle RP
$12 Alex Colome, TB RP
$10 Elvis Andrus, Tex SS (K)
$10 Kelvin Herrera, KC RP
$9 Arodys Vizcaino, Atl RP
$7 Trey Mancini, Bal 1B
$4 Brett Gardner, NYY OF
$4 Greg Holland, FA RP
$4 Jon Gray, Col SP
$4 Julio Teheran, Atl SP
$4 Carlos Gonzalez, FA OF
$3 Danny Salazar, Cle SP
$2 Chris Davis, Bal 1B
$2 Josh Reddick, Hou OF
$1 Corey Dickerson, Pit OF

I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a team constructed like this. Bayz’s most expensive player was just $21, and Corey Dickerson is his sole dollar guy. It seems like he has players at almost every auction value below $21. The frequent Ols/Ponto strategy to the extreme. Certainly makes Bayz a flexible trade partner. 

Best pick: I’ve never been a big catcher guy, but this season there are so few good options that I’m actually jealous of the guys who don’t have a bum in that slot. Buster Posey wasn’t a bargain, but he was the best catcher available and also plays in Nick’s city. 

Worst pick: Shocker -- there aren’t many massive overpayments here. I suppose $10 for Kelvin Herrera seems steep when you consider the Royals might not win 60 games. 

Grade: B+. I would like to remain in Nick’s good graces until after he trades me a closer.



$36 Chris Sale, Bos SP
$31 George Springer, Hou OF
$24 Madison Bumgarner, SF SP
$22 Corey Seager, LAD SS
$17 Carlos Martinez, StL SP
$15 Trevor Story, Col SS
$15 Rafael Devers, Bos 3B
$13 Ken Giles, Hou RP
$11 Adam Eaton, Wsh OF
$11 Ozzie Albies, Atl 2B
$10 James Paxton, Sea SP (K)
$9 Ender Inciarte, Atl OF
$8 Carlos Santana, Phi 1B
$7 Luke Weaver, StL SP
$7 Adam Duvall, Cin OF
$6 Ryan McMahon, Col 1B
$5 Lance Lynn, Min SP
$3 Yadier Molina, StL C
$3 Steven Souza Jr., Ari OF
$2 Dexter Fowler, StL OF
$1 Yonder Alonso, Cle 1B
$1 Nick Pivetta, Phi SP
$1 Brad Peacock, Hou RP
$0 Tyler Chatwood, ChC SP
$0 Carter Capps, SD RP

While the top of his board is strong (Sale and Bumgarner rival any 1-2 starting pitching punch), it seems like Nolan is betting on big breakout seasons from younger players such as the $15 Devers, $11 Ozzie Albies, and even Luke Weaver. Though many people are saying Devers could be a top-five 3B by the end of this season. That would be something! 

Best pick: Ryan McMahon. Nolan and I apparently binged the same podcasts this week, which explains why we got into a bidding war for a guy who might not even start for the stinkhole Rockies. 

Worst pick: Trevor Story! Trevor Story is terrible! In my spreadsheets I had him as DNT (Do Not, Tim!). BPN! (Bad Pick, Nolan) 

Grade: C. Most of these players were highlighted red in my spreadsheets. Nolan’s doomed.



$42 Freddie Freeman, Atl 1B
$41 Kris Bryant, ChC 3B
$36 Clayton Kershaw, LAD SP
$23 Noah Syndergaard, NYM SP
$21 Billy Hamilton, Cin OF
$18 Willson Contreras, ChC C
$15 Masahiro Tanaka, NYY SP
$12 Byron Buxton, Min OF (K)
$10 Felipe Rivero, Pit RP (K)
$10 Didi Gregorius, NYY SS
$6 Matt Carpenter, StL 1B
$6 Jeurys Familia, NYM RP
$4 Jameson Taillon, Pit SP
$2 Stephen Piscotty, Oak OF
$2 Chad Green, NYY RP
$2 Jackie Bradley Jr., Bos OF
$2 Mark Trumbo, Bal OF
$1 Hanley Ramirez, Bos DH
$1 Matt Chapman, Oak 3B
$1 Matt Harvey, NYM SP
$1 AJ Ramos, NYM RP
$1 Austin Barnes, LAD C
$1 Marcus Semien, Oak SS
$0 Michael Brantley, Cle OF
$0 Blake Snell, TB SP

Me trying to find category weaknesses on AB’s roster: 


Best pick: All of the Big Four starting pitchers went in the $36-$39 range, which I think is good value for each, but for Clayton Kershaw to go on the low end of that range is a borderline steal. 

Worst pick: Did you guys know Billy Hamilton gets a lot of steals but it comes at the expense of your average? Guy just can’t slap the wood on the leather. Had that been me, I wouldn’ta bought him. 

Grade: A-. Other than Syndergaard, I like every pick on this roster! (Thor is fine at $23, I’m just not big on Mets pitchers.) Even Marcus Semien is good! Byron Buxton full-season breakout? Dark Knight bounce-back? Who knows!?



$25 Alex Bregman, Hou SS
$22 Khris Davis, Oak OF
$21 Edwin Encarnacion, Cle 1B
$18 Justin Upton, LAA OF
$16 Ronald Acuna, Atl OF
$16 Justin Verlander, Hou SP
$16 Miguel Sano, Min 3B
$14 David Price, Bos SP
$11 Justin Smoak, Tor 1B
$10 Yoan Moncada, CWS 2B (K) 
$10 Tommy Pham, StL OF (K) 
$10 Domingo Santana, Mil OF
$8 Eddie Rosario, Min OF
$7 Andrew Miller, Cle RP
$6 Rich Hill, LAD SP
$6 Danny Duffy, KC SP
$6 Shane Greene, Det RP
$5 Kenta Maeda, LAD SP
$5 Cam Bedrosian, LAA RP
$4 Garrett Richards, LAA SP
$4 Jason Kipnis, Cle 2B
$3 Justin Bour, Mia 1B
$3 Greg Bird, NYY 1B
$1 Starlin Castro, Mia 2B
$1 Robinson Chirinos, Tex C

Starting pitching depth appears to be Ols’ biggest weakness, though we can expect a big trade to rectify that in short order. He’s got six really solid starters, but no big-tie horse to bring that ERA down into the mid-3.00s. 

Best pick: There clear signs of decline for Easy E Encarnacion: His average has dropped three straight seasons, his strikeout rate is up, his slugging percentage is down, and oh yeah he’s 35 years old. But it’s still Big Edwin! 40 homers for $21?! Come on! 

Worst pick: Danny Duffy is projected to get 11 wins this season, which is 11 too many if you know what I’m saying. (The Royals won’t win any games.) 

Grade: B-. Would be higher if Sano hadn’t packed on some lbs over the offseason, and if he weren’t perpetually on the cusp of getting suspended. 



$53 Jose Altuve, Hou 2B
$40 Paul Goldschmidt, Ari 1B
$34 Dee Gordon, Sea 2B
$21 Yu Darvish, ChC SP
$16 Ryan Braun, Mil OF
$12 Kyle Schwarber, ChC OF
$10 Travis Shaw, Mil 3B (K) 
$10 Jake Lamb, Ari 3B (K)
$10 Joey Gallo, Tex 3B
$10 Brandon Morrow, ChC RP
$9 Hector Neris, Phi RP
$6 Nomar Mazara, Tex OF
$5 Chase Anderson, Mil SP
$4 Alex Claudio, Tex RP
$4 Dylan Bundy, Bal SP
$3 Joakim Soria, CWS RP
$3 Mike Zunino, Sea C
$2 Blake Parker, LAA RP
$2 Bradley Zimmer, Cle OF
$1 Juan Minaya, CWS RP
$1 Tim Anderson, CWS SS
$1 Aaron Altherr, Phi OF
$1 Todd Frazier, NYM 3B
$1 J.A. Happ, Tor SP
$1 Gleyber Torres, NYY SS

Holy smokes, there might not be a better top four in the league. Much has been made of the humidor in Arizona, but maybe Goldschmidt hits like three fewer home runs and everything else stays the same. If that holds, that’s worth more than $40. 

Best pick: Quietly, J.A. Happ has been a worthy fantasy contributor for three straight years (the guy won 20 games in 2015!). He doesn’t pitch a ton of innings nor does he rack up eye-popping strikeout numbers, but he can help your ERA and maybe even WHIP for just a buck. You’re better off with J.A. Happ than some of the 1.50 WHIP-having dummies I splurged on at the end of the draft. 

Worst pick: Joey Gallo! (My new thing is hating on every masher with terrible average.) Can you believe this guy and his bad average? Maybe try hitting a line drive once in a while huh!? With your bad average. 

Grade: B. The top-heavy offense complemented by big-potential cheap bats almost offsets the lack of quality starting pitching.



$44 Charlie Blackmon, Col OF
$26 Brian Dozier, Min 2B
$21 Jacob deGrom, NYM SP
$18 Starling Marte, Pit OF
$16 Miguel Cabrera, Det 1B
$14 Andrew McCutchen, SF OF
$12 Trea Turner, Wsh SS (K) 
$11 Mike Moustakas, FA 3B
$10 Luis Severino, NYY SP (K)
$9 Kyle Hendricks, ChC SP
$9 Ian Kinsler, LAA 2B
$9 Chris Taylor, LAD 2B
$9 Ian Happ, ChC 2B
$8 Jay Bruce, NYM OF
$6 Johnny Cueto, SF SP
$4 Rick Porcello, Bos SP
$4 Michael Conforto, NYM OF
$4 Eric Thames, Mil 1B
$4 Archie Bradley, Ari RP
$4 Brad Brach, Bal RP
$3 Luke Gregerson, StL RP
$1 Aaron Sanchez, Tor SP
$1 Yasmani Grandal, LAD C
$1 Nate Jones, CWS RP
$1 Dominic Leone, StL RP

Mil is known for having great jackets. Always has a cool zip-up of moderate thickness, usually with multiple fabric types (polyester, mesh, fleece, etc.). They always fit great too! Does Mil get his jackets tailored? Who knows. He did wear a sweet jacket to the draft on Saturday though. No surprise there. 

Best pick: I don’t think Miguel Cabrera is done just yet. Before last year’s .249 debacle, he hit at least .315 in eight straight seasons. He turns 35 soon and the power may fade, but there’s no reason to believe he just lost the ability to hit. $16 for a potential 90-25-90-.300 hitter is a great deal. 

Worst pick: There will be a point this season when Jacob DeGrom mentions minor shoulder soreness in a post-game interview. This will be followed by the Mets team doctors saying they looked at his shoulder and hey it still works so what’s the problem? Then in the middle of the third inning of his next start Degrom will be escorted off the mound, favoring his right shoulder. After the game, the Mets team doctors will say it was just a precaution, and a stint on the disabled list is not necessary. DeGrom will miss his next three starts, with no significant updates on his injury status, then he will inexplicably be placed on the 15-day DL. He will return 37 days later. 

Grade: D+, mostly because we’ve already tried trading and I don’t see any good fits so what’s the point of flattering him you know?



$47 Bryce Harper, Wsh OF
$38 Manny Machado, Bal 3B
$33 Anthony Rizzo, ChC 1B
$30 Francisco Lindor, Cle SS
$21 Stephen Strasburg, Wsh SP
$17 Roberto Osuna, Tor RP
$14 Lorenzo Cain, Mil OF
$13 Corey Knebel, Mil RP
$10 Aaron Judge, NYY OF (K)
$10 Cody Bellinger, LAD 1B (K)
$7 Wade Davis, Col RP
$4 Michael Fulmer, Det SP
$3 Jacob Faria, TB SP
$2 Addison Russell, ChC SS
$1 Ervin Santana, Min SP
$1 Hunter Renfroe, SD OF
$1 Jonathan Villar, Mil 2B
$1 Lucas Giolito, CWS SP
$1 Marco Estrada, Tor SP
$1 Reynaldo Lopez, CWS SP
$1 Cole Hamels, Tex SP
$1 C.J. Cron, TB 1B
$1 Jordan Montgomery, NYY SP
$1 Wilson Ramos, TB C
$1 Mitch Haniger, Sea OF

With two top-tier keepers, Kyle had an opportunity to put together a jaw-dropping roster. And jaw-dropping it is! Harper, Machado, Rizzo, Lindor, Strasburg! On top of Judge and Bellinger!? Holy cow. 

Kyle’s roster is doubly jaw-dropping when you realize he drafted one-third of it in less than 3 minutes at the very end of the draft. Most of his dollar players were acquired while the rest of us were getting ready to play beer pong. 

Best pick: Lorenzo Cain is kind of a bopper who can run. Miller Park is an improvement over Kauffman Stadium, so maybe he can squeeze out 18 jacks. Plus he’s a fun guy who smiles a lot! 

Worst pick: 2016 AL Rookie of the Year Michael Fulmer struck out just 6.2 batters per nine innings last season. That’s not very good! 

Grade: A-. Kyle built a stellar offense, picked up three good closers, and got a B-tier starter for under value. He’ll have to luck out with some starters along the way, but the top seven hitters here are absurd.



$33 Giancarlo Stanton, NYY OF (K) 
$19 Shohei Ohtani, LAA SP/DH
$18 Craig Kimbrel, Bos RP
$17 Daniel Murphy, Wsh 2B
$16 Aroldis Chapman, NYY RP
$16 Jean Segura, Sea SS
$14 Matt Olson, Oak 1B
$12 Gary Sanchez, NYY C (K)
$12 Raisel Iglesias, Cin RP
$12 Brad Hand, SD RP
$10 Yasiel Puig, LAD OF
$9 Trevor Bauer, Cle SP
$9 Gio Gonzalez, Wsh SP
$8 Sonny Gray, NYY SP
$8 Delino DeShields, Tex OF
$7 Alex Wood, LAD SP
$7 Jeff Samardzija, SF SP
$7 Dellin Betances, NYY RP
$7 Evan Longoria, SF 3B
$6 Marwin Gonzalez, Hou SS
$6 Paul DeJong, StL SS
$3 Addison Reed, Min RP
$2 Odubel Herrera, Phi OF
$1 Matt Kemp, LAD OF
$1 Willie Calhoun, Tex OF

Tell you what, I don’t know about this Shohei Ohtani guy. I doubt he’ll be a notch below Strasburg/Greinke as a pitcher, so at $19 it really kind of depends on how much he provides as a hitter. If he’s Jake Arrieta (new, stinky Jake Arrieta, not old good Jake Arrieta), but adds 12 home runs in the UTIL spot, is that worth $19? Will he get that many at-bats? I’ve got more questions but my head hurts. All I know is, I don’t like how he fucks up the pages when you’re sorting players. 

Best pick: Delino DeShields went over value, but I think steals are going to be so competitive this year that he’ll be on the trading block constantly. If he gets off to a hot start, prepare to see some unreasonableness in your inbox. 

Worst pick: Is this is the year Trevor Bauer finally puts it all together? Maybe! Probably not though. But it could happen. 

Grade: A-. I mean what do you want me to do, Gary Sanchez is so freakin’ good! 

Matt and Casey


$55 Mike Trout, LAA OF
$35 Corey Kluber, Cle SP
$25 Jose Abreu, CWS 1B
$23 Andrew Benintendi, Bos OF
$17 Robinson Cano, Sea 2B
$17 Yoenis Cespedes, NYM OF
$11 Jon Lester, ChC SP
$10 Robbie Ray, Ari SP (K)
$10 Jake Arrieta, FA SP
$10 Kyle Seager, Sea 3B
$9 Sean Doolittle, Wsh RP
$8 Marcus Stroman, Tor SP
$6 Lance McCullers Jr., Hou SP
$5 J.T. Realmuto, Mia C
$5 Orlando Arcia, Mil SS
$3 Eugenio Suarez, Cin 3B
$2 Josh Harrison, Pit 2B
$1 Michael Taylor, Wsh OF
$1 Chris Devenski, Hou RP
$1 Joe Panik, SF 2B
$1 Brad Boxberger, Ari RP
$1 David Peralta, Ari OF
$1 David Robertson, NYY RP
$1 Felix Hernandez, Sea SP
$1 Tim Beckham, Bal SS

Matt and Casey thoughtfully carried on Rob’s legacy by dropping big bucks on the two best players from his team last season -- Mike Trout and Corey Kluber. If they manage to put Robbie Ray in the lineup here and there, the new guys might be on to something. 

Best pick: Jose Abreu isn’t a thrill to own, but he’s an AVG anchor good for 100 RBI every season. A worthy second fiddle to Trout on offense. 

Worst pick: Marcus Stroman just doesn’t strike out enough batters to get my juices flowing. His ERA was stellar in 2017, but his K rate, innings pitched, and BABIP against were all nearly identical to the year before -- when Stroman had a 4.37 ERA. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Grade: B. I liked a lot of their picks at the time, and they held their own amid the chaos in the room. But Matt and Casey didn’t wow me with bold overpays or shrewd bargain buys. Solid B.



$39 Max Scherzer, Wsh SP
$38 Carlos Correa, Hou SS
$35 J.D. Martinez, Bos OF
$17 Jose Quintana, ChC SP
$17 Whit Merrifield, KC 2B
$16 Chris Archer, TB SP
$15 Nicholas Castellanos, Det 3B
$15 Luis Castillo, Cin SP
$11 Marcell Ozuna, StL OF (K)
$9 Jose Berrios, Min SP
$9 Eduardo Nunez, Bos 2B
$7 Josh Bell, Pit 1B
$6 Fernando Rodney, Min RP
$5 Salvador Perez, KC C
$5 Ryan Zimmerman, Wsh 1B
$4 Andrelton Simmons, LAA SS
$4 Avisail Garcia, CWS OF
$1 Alex Cobb, FA SP
$1 Tommy Kahnle, NYY RP
$1 Carl Edwards Jr., ChC RP
$1 Ryon Healy, Sea 3B
$1 Zack Cozart, LAA SS
$1 Ryan Madson, Wsh RP
$1 Carlos Gomez, TB OF
$1 Nick Markakis, Atl OF

Mitch appears to have a well-balanced roster top-to-bottom. A little bit of everything, but dominant in nothing. I also don’t mind those late-round reliever pickups. Everyone (maybe just me) likes to load up on starters at the draft -- maybe take a few fliers and see who pans out -- but when it’s time for us to fortify our staffs with high-strikeout, low-ERA relievers, we’ll find the pickings slim thanks to owners like Mitch (as well as Matt and Casey) who stocked up on setup men early. 

Best pick: I really like Whit Merrifield this year! Second base isn’t very deep, and Whit provides a very solid average with steals and some power. Plus he’ll be hitting ahead of Mike Moustakas instead of somebody like (gulp)Jorge Soler. 

Worst pick: Nine dollars for Jose Berrios -- an utterly average major league pitcher through his first 200 innings -- seems like a lot, but looking at the other starters around that price, I suppose it’s okay. Maybe if he stops plunking guys (he led the majors last year with 15), the WHIP will dip a bit. 

Grade: B. I don’t know, I just cried at the end of Passengers, a very dumb movie, so who knows where my mind is at right now. Good draft Mitch.