"Shout Out Cardi B" | Rosecast S22 E2 Recap

bachelor s22 e2 cover.png

Arie's second episode included some truly head-scratching one-on-one dates. Between Becca's jaw-dropping sugar daddy date and Krystal's private jet visit to Arie's hometown, it felt like ABC accidentally aired Week 8 instead of Week 2. Plus: Are we willing to make light of an alleged childhood bumper car trauma? And should ABC blur out some of the more intense makeout sessions?

Before you start the episode, Rim needs to come clean on one thing: We spent about 10 minutes discussing the value of Becca's luxury haul (Rachel Zoe dresses, Christian Louboutin shoes, earrings, necklace, and bracelets from Neil Lane), and while AB tried to convince me Becca did not get to keep the necklace and bracelets, I insisted she did. I was incorrect. Hand up, that's on me.

  • Timestamps: Weird episode! (1:15); Shameless self-promotion and message for Olay (1:45); First date card of the season (3:20) Becca K. date - daytime [and bonus uninformed jewelry takes] (5:05); Jealousy brewing back at the house? (11:15); Nighttime portion of Becca's date (13:00); Second date card (13:30); Becca and Arie get deep (14:35); Becca gets to keep the diamonds!! [whoops, no she doesn't] (16:55); Krystal's one-on-one in Scottsdale (21:30); Group date card (25:30); Krystal's one-on-one date - nighttime (26:15); Does Conor Duermit have what it takes? (30:10); Demolition derby group date (33:30); Group date nighttime/detailed evaluations of all the best kisses (40:30); Cocktail hour (47:15); Rose Ceremony (53:00); Our updated contenders (58:00)

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