"Real Love" | Rosecast 'Bachelor In Paradise' Finale Recap


'Bachelor In Paradise' ended the way it began: with demonstrations of actual love. In between, of course, a lot of muckety-muck went down, and you can bet your bottom dollar Rim and AB discussed all of it. Settle in for a full recap of the BiP finale — from confusing breakups to an adorable proposal — along with a haphazard dive into AB's Mailbag and a special announcement.

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Shout out to listener Ginger, who did the dirty work of finding out which of the three Bachelor franchises has the greatest success rate for long-term relationships. She made a damn graph! More context during the mailbag segment of the episode.


Here's Amanda's tweet after the finale, which includes a timely reference to the most recent Taylor Swift song in addition to (alleged) photographic evidence of Robby canoodling with another woman during a period in which Amanda and Robby were dating. Think of the children!