"Look At this Photograph" | Rosecast 'Bachelorette' S14 E2 Recap


Controversy erupts over an innocent photo, framed for special presentation and safekeeping. Plus: The first of Colton's many secrets is revealed, and it's serious enough that Becca actually considered sending that dreamboat packing. 

3:45 First group date - night time
12:15 First group date - daytime
22:15 Back at the house
24:15 Blake one-on-one date - daytime
28:00 Blake one-on-one date - nighttime
30:30 Back at the house
31:00 Second group date - daytime
36:45 Second group date - nighttime
45:00 Cocktail party
50:15 Rose ceremony
58:45 Mailbag

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