We're Giving Away A Man Crate In Honor Of This Week's *Important Golf Tournament* In Augusta

You need a damn crowbar to get into the thing (included, of course), but once you do it's goooood.

You need a damn crowbar to get into the thing (included, of course), but once you do it's goooood.

There's an Important Golf Tournament this week, maybe you've heard of it. Rhymes with "Nasters." (Not trying to add another cease-and-desist letter to my collection, you know how it is.)

In honor of this prestigious napping event, the good people at Man Crates hooked us up with some golf-related prizes to give away to the reader who demonstrates encyclopedic knowledge of this year's field (or randomly guesses the winner, either one). 

It takes maybe thirty seconds to enter, and you can scroll down if you want to get to the goods. But first, allow me to sell you on these wares. (Wheel of Fortune voice-over guy voice) Perfect your short game on the company dime with the Office Golf Crate (pictured above). A SKLZ Chipping Net, a dozen practice balls, turf chipping mat with rubber tee, SKLZ Putt Pocket training cup, and a Line M Up ball marking tool for those of you with unsteady hands. That's a $99.99 value, folks. Wow.

But maybe you're not like The Rock in Ballers and don't live the private office lifestyle. Or perhaps you just prefer sugary drinks and novelty headcovers to hardcore training devices. Well then the Golfer's Crate is for you. Highlights include a Chuck Rodent headcover, Caddyshack on DVD, two packs of DAVID sunflower seeds, a 16oz can of Arnold Palmer Half & Half Lite (Rim and AB's preferred summer drink), and more. Another $99.99 value — these people are out of their minds.

We even have something for haters of traditional golf. The Disc Golf Crate has everything you need to pick up this awesome hobby (seriously, disc golf is great): an MVP Cell Starter Bag, MVP Tesla Proton Distance Driver, MVP Electron Atom Putter, GSI 1L Dukjug Water Bottle, and a bag of BIGS Sunflower Seeds (you're just gonna have to suck it up if you're brand-loyal to DAVID seeds). 

"But Rim, what do I need a Man Crate for? I'm a woman who only goes outside to yell at the youth gangs riding their bikes without helmets. Golf stinks." Damn, okay. Well do you have a dad? Father's Day is June 18, people forget that. This is an easy way to get back in his good graces — make some good golf tournament picks then drop a Man Crate at his doorstep with a terse note thanking him for raising you. It's the least you can do.

Here's how it works: Fill out the form below with your name and email address. Then pick one player from each drop-down list and predict the final score for our tiebreaker. (Last year, Danny Willet won with a score of -5.)

  • There are 94 players in the field. Points are awarded based on the inverse order of the final standings. So if one of your picks misses the cut and finishes sixth-to-last, he earns you six points.
  • Bonus points will be awarded for choosing players who finish in the top 10 (with ties):
    • Champion: 94 + 50 bonus points
    • Runner-up: 93 + 45 bonus points
    • ... 10th place finisher: 85 + 5 bonus points

Highest point total wins their choice of golf Man Crate. In the preposterously unlikely event of a tie even after the tiebreaker, we'll choose a winner out of a hat. If you win, we'll hit you up for shipping details and your preferred package so the generous people at Man Crates can send you the goods.


Contest is closed. 

Winner will be notified on Monday, April 10. Thanks for playing!

That's it! Thanks for playing. Here's video of the time Tiger holed a heart-stopping chip on the 16th. RIP Tiger, shout out Verne Lundquist.