This Single Frame From The 'Widows' Trailer Is Enough To Get Me In The Theater Opening Night


A disturbing trend in movie trailers — other than the occasional full revealing of the entire plot — is the inclusion of scenes that don’t even make the final cut of the film. If this happens with one particular moment in next month’s heist thriller Widows, I will hold a personal grudge against the persons involved in the decision for the rest of my days.

Widows, which is promoted nearly every other inning of the MLB Postseason, stars Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Cynthia Erivo, and Elizabeth Debicki as wives who must finish “one last job” on behalf of their deceased criminal husbands. The cast and synopsis are ingredients for a perfectly enjoyable movie. Strong women bucking expectations and all that, sure, I’m in. But what really sold me was the image of two heartless men staring down the grieving wives burying the husbands they murdered. And waving!

Now I don’t know for sure Daniel Kaluuya and Brian Tyree Henry’s characters are responsible for the deaths of the thieving husbands, but it’s much more fun to assume they are. Each actor can have dead, flat eyes when he needs to (see Henry when he’s dealing with an annoying barber on an episode of Atlanta and Kaluuya for basically the first third of Get Out), and I can think of no better use for those eyes than for intimidation at a graveyard funeral. These guys aren’t hiding in the shadows or staking out from behind the tinted windows of a luxury SUV. They’re right out in the open, punctuating their silent bullying with a taunting wave. This single second in the trailer has me eager to find out how sadistic these two will be to the team of widows, and how far the mourning superfriends will go to exact their own revenge. (No spoilers but I’m guessing there will be some deaths.) |ES|