There's Something For Everyone In This Video From Branchez And A Glorious Man Named "Big Wet"

Now that I'm 30 years old, "turning up" doesn't mean what it used to. The phrase didn't even really exist until the tail end of my would-be “turn up” years. If I have three cocktails in a night — let alone shots! — then my next 48 hours (should I survive them) are spent wailing under a blanket, slugging Pedialyte, and watching Moana.

But a wonderful man named Big Wet has opened my eyes to a more relaxed, tolerable definition of turning up. For this reason alone, the video for the newest addition to the Rimcast Summer Jams of the Week playlist deserves extra attention.

Big Wet doesn't look or sound like the type of person to engage in negative peer pressure. Most guys who pull off nonironic mustaches in 2017 choose to enjoy life on their own terms. Some evidence that Big Wet remains unconcerned with your definition with "turn up":

  • While on a boat, Big Wet's skin is covered head to toe with Norwegian athletic gear, hood and hat on his head, and a glob of sunscreen on his nose. Responsible turning up starts with protecting oneself from harmful UV rays, even on a cloudy day.
  • His docile pitbull is on a leash made of actual chain links.
  • While we've no idea where Big Wet is from, but we can't help but respect the fact that he is apparently a fan of the New York Yankees and Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • Big Wet's ATV collection is highlighted by the color-coordinated undercarriage lights, a possible tribute to the late Paul Walker (RIP).
  • His name is "Big Wet".

I recently misplaced both of my swimsuits, making for some pretty embarrassing afternoons of water recreation. I am forever indebted to Big Wet and Branchez for providing those of us who wish to turn up without "turning up" with a relaxed, self-confident anthem for the ages. |ES|