The New Video From The War On Drugs Is Just Some Dude Wandering Around An Empty Parking Lot

Well, it's not really "some dude", it's the band's lead singer Adam Granduciel. And it's not technically a "music video", it's a "visual" shot on 8mm film by the presumably artsy Shawn Brackbill.

But I remember the days before the internet, so when I see moving pictures on a screen accompanied by a song, I call it a music video. And this music video is legitimately just a man wandering outside an abandoned warehouse for 56 seconds on a loop.

Imagine what Brackbill is saying behind the camera:

That's it! Good! VERY GOOD! That's perfect! Okay now walk slowly. Yeah, just like that. Just kinda linger around. Maybe loiter? You get it. Yes. Yeeeesssssss. Oh beautiful turn! BEAUTIFUL! Yeah now kind of look around a little bit. Inquisitive, curious ... like you're searching for something but you don't really know what it is. Okay, to the other side now. Yeah, just like that. Little angle maybe? Amazing, you're doing amazing. Can you give me a half-turn? Almost like a curtsy? Put a little curtsy on it, yes. That's it! Beautiful! Okay now just stand over here and look at the camera. [11 seconds later] And that's a wrap for the day! Great job everyone! YouTube sensation, I just know it!

Make no mistake: We're big War on Drugs guys. One day I'll listen to these songs on the back porch of my Montana ranch, sipping iced tea and smoking a cigar while my bloodhound chases fireflies as the sun sets over the horizon. But this video is slightly less interesting than watching the psychedelic effects on a Windows Media Player in 2003.

Here's a gif of the walking sequence at 10x speed. Or is it a gif of the whole video at 10x speed? We'll never know.

My hope is that TWOD (I call 'em TWOD) releases similarly bizarre videos once a week until their album arrives on August 25. Perhaps a 12-minute still shot of a man on a beach slowly swept away by the rising tides. I'd watch that.

If that kind of stuff is too dilettante for your tastes, you might like this actually good music video for an even better song:

Header image credit: Shawn Brackbill