The Best Stuff We Read This Week: 3/11

Above: Caitlin Ochs for The New York Times

The New York Times: The Comic and the Ping-Pong Champ, by Corey Kilgannon

The guy from all those VH1 clip shows (and 30 Rock, I suppose) has an unbreakable bond with a 26-year-old Chinese table tennis savant, coaching her in American culture after she's done schooling him on the tables.

"Mr. Friedlander calls her 'a pretty awesome American story,' which included a struggle to pass her naturalization exam to gain citizenship. After his lessons, Mr. Friedlander helped her understand things, like what a state governor is, and American colloquialisms, like the proper order of the colors of the American flag."

The Atlantic: Where James Beard Meets Rap, by Adam Chandler

If you enjoy food, or rap music, or comedy, we must recommend F*CK, That's Delicious.

As the designation 'foodie' was transitioning from badge of honor to pejorative, culinary cantons were becoming less exclusive, swinging the doors open to new kinds of obsessives. It was around the same time that Ariyan Arslani, a 300-pound chef and rap hobbyist, slipped in the kitchen of the Queens restaurant where he was working as a cook and broke his leg.

"'The light turned on,' he told me in New York last week. 'The light just turned on and I went hard.'"

Sports Illustrated: To the point: Giannis Antetokounmpo blossoming with the ball, by Jake Fischer

If you're bored by this NBA season and it's certain outcome, please understand that a 7-foot, 21-year-old freak of nature is averaging nearly a triple double while playing point guard in Milwaukee.

WIRED: America's Highway Fonts Got More Drama Than The Bachelor, by Margaret Rhodes

While we respectfully disagree with the headline, this is an interesting read if you're a font nerd or passionate about...highway safety? Gossage: Jose Bautista a 'disgrace,' baseball ruined by 'nerds', by Andrew Marchand

As you might guess, there are plenty of candidates for Quote of the Year in this one.

"'I'll tell you what has happened, these guys played rotisserie baseball at Harvard or wherever the f--- they went, and they thought they figured the f---ing game out. They don't know s---.'"

Sports on Earth: LeBron: Will He Stay Or Will He Go?, by Alex Wong

The snow has melted, so it is officially LeBron Rumor Season. This year, we delve into the uncharted territory: Will he leave his current team for another team?

The New Yorker: A Feminist Edit-a-Thon Seeks To Reshape Wikipedia, by Talia Lavin

This Wikipedia entry is nearly twice as long as this Wikipedia entry.

"Less than five per cent of its super-users—people with more than five hundred edits to their names—are women. Many causes have been suggested for this, from Wikipedia’s code-heavy editing interface to its contentious and sometimes hostile user culture."

World Wildlife Foundation: WWF's Efforts to Phase Out DDT

Lol. |ES|

Top image: Caitlin Ochs for The New York Times