The Best Stuff We Read This Week: 2/6

Australian Broadcasting Company: 'Heartbroken' wife of husband who paid hit men to kidnap, murder her in Africa recalls hearing him order hit in phone call, by Jessica Longbottom

This story's been everywhere the past few days. The woman surprised her husband at her own funeral. Can't make this stuff up.

The AtlanticThe Lonely Jaguar of the United States, by Marina Koren

"These days, the most jaguar conservationists can do—aside from hoping no one shoots and kills El Jefe—is wait for other jaguars, particularly female ones, to cross over the border from Mexico."

VICE: The House That Built Cam, by Eric Nusbaum

"Then, one day when he happened to be especially frustrated by Cam's thumbsucking, Cecil went fishing with the oldest of his three sons, Cecil, Jr., and caught an eight-pound largemouth bass. When they got home, he was struck by sudden inspiration: he made Cam hold the largemouth bass with the thumb he had been sucking for ten minutes. After that, Cam never sucked his thumb again."

The New York Times: The Lives and Lies of a Professional Impostor, by James C. McKinley and Rick Rojas

Befriending, defrauding, stealing and maintaining 27 identities over the course of a quarter-century seems like way more work than, you know, not doing that.

Forbes: James Harden Expands His Unique Brand With Trolli Candy Endorsement, by Kurt Badenhausen

This is the end goal, isn't it? For all of us? If a candy company—literally any candy company—wants to sponsor this operation, we're in.

Sports Illustrated: Reeling In The Wins: Jarrod Uthoff's Jump Shooting And Shot Blocking Has Surprising Iowa Angling For A Title, by Brian Hamilton

This article could have been written in a different language and we still would have included it. Buy a shirt.

The Des Moines Register: Editorial: Something smells in the Democratic Party

Speaking of Iowa, we uh, we kinda fucked up the caucuses. Maybe counting hands and flipping coins isn't the way to go?

The Washington PostFor the first time in 28 years, a baby has been born in this Italian town, by Rick Noack

Pablo might have a tough time finding a girlfriend when he's older.


Super Bowl Stuff:

Bloomberg Business: The Super Bowl Coin Toss Has a Dark Secret, by Caleb Hannan

GQ: The NFL Is San Francisco’s Worst Nightmare, by Drew Magary

ESPN The Magazine: The secrets behind the grass for Super Bowl 50, by Tommy Tomlinson |ES|

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Jamie Squire/Getty Images

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