The Best Stuff We Read This Week: 2/26

Esquire: Bed Bugs Aren't the Biggest Problem with This Famous Hotel. Ghosts Are., by Luke O'Neil

"There have been people over time, both before the hotel closed and since it reopened, that claim that they can hear a woman pushing a baby stroller down the hall with the baby crying."

Classical: Bearded, by Hal Sundt

A regular man with a good beard enters a beard competition and discovers his beard is actually not very good.

Deadspin: Bud The Great, by Hamilton Nolan

The first boxing match I ever saw in person was Terence "Bud" Crawford vs. Yuriorkis Gamboa in 2013. It won many awards as the "Fight of the Year," so I'm prone to liking anything written about the pride of Omaha, Neb.

"But like all complete fighters, he always makes the right move. This small subset of fighters are the Grandmasters of boxing. Their form of intelligence should not be considered any less admirable than that of a chess genius or a great artist. And, I might add, they exercise theirs under much more extreme conditions."

The Verge: The Road Not Taken, by Adi Robertson

"The school’s board of regents protested that with only half the stations built and barely over a dozen vehicles paid for, the agency had left Morgantown with a useless skeleton of a public transit system. Under increasing scrutiny from Congress, the UMTA offered a compromise: if WVU wasn’t happy after another round of testing, the government would pay to demolish it, scuttling the system before it took a single paying passenger."

The Washington Post: If you can’t enjoy this Capitals season, maybe sports fandom isn’t for you, by Dan Steinberg

Not a hockey fan, but this is a good reminder that investing time (and money) in being a sports fan isn't a waste if your team doesn't win it all.

"You’re arguing that the investment of time and emotion into a team can’t be even partially repaid by five months of virtuosity, because of the risk of a two-week letdown. That those regular-season nachos were consumed in vain, that the entirety of every league’s record book is a trivial sham, and that the purpose of professional sports is not actually to provide entertainment and joy on random winter nights, but only to crown one team of winners while identifying a whole bunch of losers."

VICE Sports: The Minutiae Man: Paul Lukas And The Uni-Verse, by B. David Zarley

One man is familiar with just about every uniform change in American sports. He looks as you might imagine.

Buzzfeed: Meet America’s Next Top Truffle Dogs, by Marian Bull

"The finals, unlike the qualifying events, aren’t open to public spectators. The finalists seem resolved: dogs geared up, humans with game faces on. Each pair has their own referee, to keep found truffles in a little plastic box and tick off their quantity with a waterproof pencil. Did you know they make waterproof pencils?"

The New York TimesAs a Species, the Knuckleball Flutters but Survives, by Tyler Kepner

Is your son fat and unathletic? His fast track to the Yankees just might be gripping a baseball like Jason Pierre-Paul. |ES|


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