The Best Stuff We Read This Week: 1/30

The Washington Post: People keep going to this home looking for their lost phones — and nobody knows why, by Peter Holley 

“My biggest fear is that someone dangerous or violent is going to visit our house because of this,” Saba told Fusion by email. “If or when that happens, I doubt our polite explanations are gonna go very far.” Jay Williams recalls the fateful day when he 'threw it all away', by Jay Williams

An excerpt from Jay Williams' upcoming memoir, Life Is Not an Accident.

"I had never taken a single riding class. Motorcycle license? What for?"

The New York Times: Rural Voters Can Swing the Iowa Caucuses. Meet Five of Them., by Alicia Parlapaino, Brent McDonald, and Larry Buchanan

Kickin' tires.

"Iowa often has its first-in-the-nation voting status called into question, in part because its demographics (the state is 92 percent white) don’t represent the country as a whole. But Iowans will proudly defend their position, citing their deep commitment to the process and the lengths to which they will go to scrutinize the candidates."

Bloomberg Politics: Rick Santorum, Iowa's Pizza Warrior, by Will Leitch

The winner of 2012's Iowa Caucuses has been campaigning in the state for most of the last four years.  It, uh, it hasn't really worked.

"Santorum has gone from being the alternative to Mitt Romney to being the guy who is interrupting everyone when they are trying to eat."

Los Angeles Times: Hi, I'm a digital junkie, and I suffer from infomania, by Manoush Zomorodi

There's a good chance you're glancing at this on your phone while the next episode of New Girl loads on your laptop with a Bachelor repeat muted on your TV.

The Awl: Phone Home, Astrodome: Inside America's Brave And Crumbling Stadiums, by Andthony Paletta

I don't know if you're into old abandoned buildings and stuff, but.

New York Magazine - The Cut: From Pickup Artist to Pariah, by Rachel Monroe

Bit of a vulgar account of some guy in North Carolina who got a little wrapped up in something called "the manosphere."

Rolling Stone: Who Poisoned Flint, Michigan?, by Stephen Rodrick

If you haven't kept up with the water crisis in Flint, this is a good place to start.

"I moved away after graduating from Flint's Catholic high school, where I was mugged at a neighboring 7-Eleven when my teacher sent me to buy him some cigarettes. The jobs kept moving away too."

The New York Times: How Larry Page's Obsessions Became Google's Business, by Conor Dougherty

'Many former Google employees who have worked directly with Mr. Page said his managerial modus operandi was to take new technologies or product ideas and generalize them to as many areas as possible. Why can’t Google Now, Google’s predictive search tool, be used to predict everything about a person’s life?" How Johnny Manziel failed his last great audition, by Elizabeth Merrill

Good luck trading the Money Manziel the Four Loko Bandit.

(VIDEO BONUS) WIRED: Imagining Football's Future Through The Super Bowl Of 2066, by Steve Rushin

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