MTV's 'The Challenge: Rivals III' Power Rankings - Week 9

Another episode, another "To Be Continued..." We're 10 episodes into the season and have witnessed four Jungles. FOUR. I’ve never seen anything like this in all my years watching The Challenge. That’s not to say this has been a boring season — quite the contrary, Rivals III has been one of the more entertaining seasons in recent memory. This cast is the perfect blend of emotionally unstable young alcoholics and some of our favorite wily ol' vets. It's a mixture that has been EXPLOSIVE, but not exactly conducive to seeing a lot of Jungles. Once you accept the fact you probably aren’t going to see a Jungle every episode, the show becomes more enjoyable.

This week’s episode was a friendly reminder that none of us are tough enough to do these challenges, especially me. TJ buried the female contestants six feet deep in the ground in a coffin (jfc) while their male counterparts had to answer a certain number of questions right before being able to dig them out. Listen guys, I’ll do a lot of things for money, being buried alive simply isn’t one of them. SORRY. I would have quit on the spot. 

Surprisingly, the winner of this week’s challenge and new power couple was Dario and Nicole. Now I’ve always thought Dario is one of the dumbest people in the house, but little did I know he is on another level of cluelessness. A few examples from this episode:

  • It is very clear who the two most physically gifted teams are in the house, Bananas/Sarah and Vince/Jenna. Prior to this week’s challenge, a group of guys — including Dario — decided if one of them won that they would throw in both Bananas and Vince every time no matter what. So what does Dario do when he wins immediately after said conversation? Like an idiot, he gets tricked by Bananas into throwing in two teams that are part of his own alliance.* The guy just doesn’t get it.
  • In one of the funnier realizations of the season, it has become evident that Dario does not know the name of his good friend Wes, a man he’s shared a room with for months and worked closely with as part of the same alliance. Despite presumably talking to Wes daily and seeing his name on his challenge shirt every few days, Dario believes Wes’ name is West. Like North West. You can’t make this stuff up.

*Some are calling this the dumbest move in Challenge history.

Despite no Jungle, we had a lot of movement in this week’s power rankings. Keep reading to find out where your favorite teams sit!

1) Sarah and Bananas (No change from last week)

Bananas finished 2nd in this week’s challenge and somehow kept himself and his cousin out of the Jungle. I’ll call that a successful week.

2) Jenna and Vince (Last Week: 5)

Physically, no team can match up to Jenna and Vince. Its going to be hard to send these two home.

3) Nany and West (Last Week: 2)

Wes’ alliance is crumbling right before his eyes and his biggest rival is on top of the world. The king of house politics better get to sweet-talking.

4) Ashley and Corey (Last Week: 3)

Corey got EXPOSED this episode. Agreeing to be in an alliance with everyone in the house finally caught up to him. Corey and Ashley have a 50% chance of going into this week’s Jungle, but lucky for them, they have a 99% chance of beating Christina and Nate if they end up in it.

5) Nicole & Dario (Last Week: 8)

All of the sudden Dario and Nicole got a lot of enemies, they got a lot of enemies. 

6) Cheyenne and Devin (Last Week: 7)

Devin and Cheyenne have a 50% chance of going into this week's Jungle and I don’t like their odds of coming home if they do. 

7) Christina & Nate (Last Week: 6)

Christina is completely checked out and Nate is the weakest dude in the house. Losing this week’s challenge ensured them a spot in this week’s Jungle. If you have a bookie who takes Challenge bets, bet big on Christina and Nate going home.

OUT: KellyAnne and Jamie (Eliminated via Jungle)

One of the stronger teams in the house physically, but for some reason just couldn’t put it all together. Shame. |ES| 

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