MTV's 'The Challenge: Rivals III' Power Rankings - Week 8

Listen guys. I’m not going to say it again. TJ does NOT like people PLAYING IN HIS CHALLENGE house. If you fight, you will go home. PERIOD. 

Rivals III has turned into a documentary about the dangers of drinking that should be shown to every high school class in America. Every episode begins with the group at a club where multiple people drink way too much and act a damn fool back at the house. Unfortunately this time they took it too far.

After this week’s night of drinking, TJ shows up to reprimand the cast members. You know when TJ shows up to the house on a non-challenge day it’s ABOUT TO GO DOWN*. TJ gives them an “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed” dad talk and then proceeds to kick Camilla and Tony out of the house.



With the departure of Camilla and Tony, we have reached the halfway mark of this season and everything is turning up a notch. This week we were #blessed with one of the best challenges in recent memory. Each team was required to stand on a tiny ass box all night long. While standing on the box tired AF they are then asked to remember a sequence of crazy things* that occured throughout the night.

*Examples include: a dude setting himself on fire, a mariachi band playing the same song over and over, a donkey cart full of delicious tacos, etc.

Episode 8 ended with the worst three words in reality TV: "TO BE CONTINUED." Although we only had one half of a challenge this episode, we are getting a good idea of where each team is at mentally. Read below to see where each team sits going into next week!

1) Sarah and Bananas (No change from last week)

Johnny Bananas is the GOAT. His one Challenge kryptonite has always been puzzles. Lucky for him, his partner is easily the best puzzler in Challenge history. This team has no weaknesses.

2) Nany and Wes (Last Week: 3)

Just two strong competitors standing on a box all night. Nothing to see here.

3) Ashley and Corey (Last Week: 2)

I can’t get enough of this team!

4) KellyAnne and Jamie (Last Week: 8)

KellyAnne and Jamie survived last week’s Jungle and now find themselves in a perfect challenge for KellyAnne, a puzzle master. I could see this team going from last place to power couple in the span of one short week.

5) Jenna and Vince (Last Week: 4)

Halfway through the challenge, Jenna and Vince realized “Hey maybe we should be paying attention to some details from all these crazy things that are happening throughout the night.” Too late guys! These two might find themselves in danger of a Jungle.

6) Christina and Nate (No Change)

While the other teams are focusing intently on everything happening during the challenge, this team was playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to pass the time. SMH TJ told you to focus on the details.*

*To be fair, TJ did say it in his classic confusing murky way. 

7) Cheyenne and Devin (Last Week: 9)

Devin’s in-house hookup partner Camilla was kicked out, leaving them with no strong alliances left in the house. This team is going nowhere fast.

8) Dario and Nicole (Last Week: 7)

If you were making a list of people who wouldn’t be good in a challenge all aboutmental prowess, Dario and Nicole would be near the top. 

OUT: Camilla and Tony (Eliminated via DQ)

Who would have thought the two biggest hotheads in the house would do something to get themselves kicked out? Shocker! |ES|