MTV's 'The Challenge: Rivals III' Power Rankings - Week 7

On The Challenge: Rivals III, a storm has been brewing for a long time. A clear line in the sand has been drawn and two sides are forming.

On one side we have the Real World and Road Rules vets, Challenge competitors that have known each other for years, competing and forming bonds along the way.

On the other side we have Are You The One? competitors, Challenge rookies who are bonded together by their time on a popular reality dating show.* About half of the competitors fall on each side. “This is going to be awesome! Two alliances duking it out! Nothing I love more than big ass alliances,” I’ve said to myself all along. * Little did I know these Are You The One? kids just don’t get it.

*Literally no clue if AYTO? Is watched by millions or tens of people.

**Think nWo Wolfpac vs. nWo Hollywood

During Week 7 a new villain emerged in the form of perpetual Challenge loser Devin. Despite already being thrown in the Jungle and losing once this season, Devin painted a huge target on his own back with his antics. Devin got straight up #whitegirlwasted and belligerently called out all the biggest, baddest vet teams. Horrible plan.

This week’s challenge was relatively weak and required little to no skill, which explains how Brandon and Christina walked out with their first Challenge DUBYA, and veterans Jamie and KellyAnne came in last place. Teams drove a mini car down a hill and flew off a ramp, all while trying to grab flags that each had different point values.

As the newest power couple, Brandon and Christina had a chance to take out a veteran team and secure some power for the Are You The One? what do they do? They throw in two AYTO teams,* all but ensuring one would be heading home. Kids** these days just don’t get it.

*I can’t even begin to understand the thought process behind this decision.

**No clue how old these two are. But only a child could make this mistake.

Where did your favorite team end up on this week’s power rankings?

1) Sarah and Bananas (No change from last week)

This team has thrown it into neutral and is coasting to the final.

2) Ashley and Corey (Last Week: 3)

Right before a driving challenge Ashley admits that she's a horrible driver. She once demolished a house by driving her car into it. No impact on Corey and Smashleys status in the Challenge but also not surprising.

Side note: Prior to pushing the car in this week's challenge, Corey recites the Jamaican bobsled chant from Cool Runnings. This bumps him up a few spots in my book.

3) Nany and Wes (Last Week: 4)

Wes got into a little bit of a quarrel with Devin this episode. But who didn't? Devin is the worst.

4) Jenna and Vince (Last Week: 3)

Jenna and Vince continue to perform. Why are they down a spot you ask? During the second-half-of-the-season teaser, Jenna is seen sobbing questioning why she even bothered coming on this season. Scares me a little TBH.

5) Camila and Tony (Last Week: 6)

Camilla received some horrible news this week with the passing of her grandmother. Lucky for all of us she has decided to stay in the house and compete. This team's got a lot to fight for!

6) Christina and Nate (Last Week: 8)

These two rookie fucks think not sending in the vets will eventually end up saving them from the Jungle. Boy, are they in for a surprise. Christina and Nate have now positioned themselves away from AYTO? and the RR/RW vets.

That being said, they were the power couple this week and Christina appears to be one of the best girls on this season.

7) Dario and Nicole (Last Week: 10)

These two performed well in the challenge, helping them rise in this week's rankings. I still have no faith in either of these two competitors.

8) KellyAnne and Jamie (Last Week: 5)

Although I still think of this as a fluke, KellyAnne and Jamie finished in last place for the second straight challenge. On a positive note, these two dominated the Jungle, but you don't want to see yourself in too many Jungles or it'll cost yah.

9) Cheyenne and Devin (Last Week: 11)

Devin for some reason decided to turn villain this episode, spewing drunken venom on anyone in his path. At one point Cheyenne desperately asks her partner Devin "Why are you antagonizing people?" To which he responds "It's what I do." ...okay well I'll see yah in the Jungle then.

OUT: Amanda and Nelson (Eliminated via Jungle)

Finally being a stone cold bitch to everyone finally caught up to Amanda. Who would have guessed that strategy wouldn't work out?  |ES|

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