MTV's 'The Challenge: Rivals III' Power Rankings - Week 6

TJ Lavin is a simple man with few passions in life. TJ loves do-or-die competitions, extreme-ass stunts, and fun times, all in a 100% safe environment. Unfortunately, TJ Lavin cannot catch a break on this season of The Challenge.

Yet again, we had another episode with violence in the house and one team quitting. Fortunately for TJ — and all of us — this week’s challenge was easily the best of the season, making for an entertaining episode.

Episode 6 begins with the entire cast at a club in Mexico enjoying the good life. Drinks were flowing and hot people were flirting, if you know what I’m saying. The meat of the episode revolved around a bad ass endurance challenge. Teams were asked to eat animal balls, play beer pong with stones, complete puzzles, get naked, and climb gigantic boulders.* This was the most physically demanding and telling challenge of the season. We were able to get a better handle on our contenders and pretenders.

*In no specific order.

Back at the house a game of beer pong turned physical.* Lets break down the fight:

Tom: Vince, you’re a bitch.
Vince: What?
Tom: Vince, you’re a bitch.
Vince: Huh?
Tom: Vince, you’re a bitch.
Vince: Are you calling me a bitch?
Tom: Yeah, you’re a bitch.
Vince: I dare you to call me a bitch again. SAY BITCH AGAIN!
Tom: *waits a minute* Bitch!

Vince then Hulks the fuck out and chases Tom around a table, reminding me of an adult game of Duck, Duck, Goose. Vince eventually catches Tom and basically lays on him. Physical violence is never the answer kids.

Following the scuffle, TJ decides because a punch wasn’t thrown Vince and his partner can stay in the house. Unfortunately as Vince got some good news, Thomas received some horrible news. His girlfriend back home had some serious medical problems forcing Thomas to withdraw from the game. This left us with another episode with no Jungle. :-/

Keep reading to see where your favorite team lands after Week 6!

*Nothing more competitive than a beer pong game. Can’t even be mad at the boys for this one. 

1) Sarah and Bananas (No change from last week)

Sarah and Bananas officially addressed and buried the elephant in the room. Long story short, Sarah screwed Johnny out of money a few years back, on Battle of the Exes. Johnny has never forgiven her...until now. This is extremely bad news for the other teams. 

2) Ashley and Corey (Last Week: 3)

Relatively quiet week for Ashley and Corey. Smashley may or may not have hooked up with Tony. It's impossible to remember that type of stuff, guys.

3) Jenna and Vince (Last Week: 4)

The only thing that can stop this team is that their combined IQs couldn't get them into a community college. These two are dumb as a box of rocks. During the challenge they cost themselves finishing near the top simply because they were confused.

4) Nany and Wes (Last Week: 2)

The line has been drawn in the sand once again. Wes and Johnny Bananas always have hated each other.  Unfortunately I can't see Wes winning this one, dropping him slightly in the rankings. Wes does come with the best dig of the week, calling Johnny a "rotten banana" after seeing his naked body.

5) KellyAnne and Jamie (No change)

Jamie was the only competitor who didn’t appear to be affected by eating animal balls. This team is solid AF.

6) Camila and Tony (No change)

This team is ALL OVER THE PLACE. I've decided to re-name them Team Hookup, as Camila and Tony both found love in a hopeless place in the Challenge house this week: Tony with Hurricane Smashley and Camilla with Devin.

Team Hookup found themselves in a Jungle after Camila was caught cheating during the challenge. Camila, after being caught ON TAPE cheating, continued to argue that it wasn’t her fault. The Camilinator came out in full force and even TJ was intimidated by Camila’s rage. Girl is cray cray.

7) Amanda and Nelson (Last Week: 8)

Nelson and Amanda continue to prove themselves as a strong team. I could see them going into a Jungle in the near future, but I like their chances to come out.

8) Christina and Nate (Last Week: 7)

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Christina and Nate continue to skate by. This week, they were headed for a certain Jungle appearance until the aforementioned Team Hookup was disqualified for cheating. I’ve literally never seen someone be DQ'd for cheating before.

9) Cheyenne and Devin (Last Week: 11)

Devin is the ringleader of the rookie scrubs Are You The One? alliance. That basically is like being the leader of the Philadelphia 76ers.

10) Dario and Nicole (Last Week: 9)

Nicole loves telling people how for real her team is as they continually finish in the bottom half. Girl is annoying AF.


Simone & Thomas (Eliminated via Personal Reasons)

Whenever someone eliminates themselves and TJ doesn’t rip them to shreds, you know it’s a serious issue. Guy had to do what he had to do. |ES|

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