MTV's 'The Challenge: Rivals III' Power Rankings - Week 5

Thankfully, it appears our friends at MTV read last week’s Eight Screens episode recap and recognized the perfect recipe for success on The Challenge.* This week, they got back to the basics and provided us with the entertainment we’ve been waiting for all season. Let’s all say a small prayer in hopes that every episode for the rest of this season follows the format of this week's show: house party, challenge, winning team deliberation, jungle, REPEAT.**

*Eight Screens considers all sponsorship opportunities.
**With a little Bananas and Wes sprinkled in for fun.

This episode starts with a typical weekly challenge where — guess what? — the contestants compete crazy high in the air above a big ass body of water. The strong teams showed up and showed out, while the weak teams were exposed.

Prior to the Jungle, TJ announced the arrival of yet another replacement team because so many teams have left due to injury or bitchassness. Like any Challenge aficionado, my mind immediately raced: Who is TJ bringing back? CT the monster?* Abram the psychopath? Shoot, I’ll even take Nehemiah the weird black guy at this point.

But, to my surprise, in a completely uninteresting and annoying turn of events, MTV continued shoving Are You The One? down our throats by bringing back Devin and Cheyenne.** The only people that have been eliminated in this series are brought back to be eliminated again.

*Enjoy CT’s best moment in Challenge history here
**Ed. note: Ayeeee Cheyenne what up what up?

After our first episode in more than a month that featured both a challenge and an elimination, we finally have some major movement in the power rankings.

1) Sarah and Bananas (No change from last week)

Sarah and Bananas seem to have found a common ground: Straight cash, homie. This duo is starting put their past behind them and move their eyes toward the prize.

2) Nany and Wes (No change)

Nany and Wes formed a power alliance with Ashley and Corey. This sets up an interesting matchup down the road between the two major power alliances in the house. On one side you have Nany, Wes, Ashley, and  Corey. On the other side is Bananas, Sarah, Vince, and Jenna. These are the top four teams in our rankings on a crash course towards one another.

3) Ashley and Corey (Last Week: 5)

This was an extremely busy week for Ashley and Corey. Let’s take a look at some key happenings:

  • They won this week’s challenge, making them the power team of the week.

  • Hurricane Smashley emerged once again, getting into a screaming match with Simone with her body blurred out because she had on no pants.

  • They formed an alliance with another power couple Wes and Nany.

  • Unfortunately, both teams that Corey and Ashley threw in to the Jungle are returning to the house, all but guaranteeing them two new enemy teams.

4) Jenna and Vince (Last Week: 3) 

Jenna and Vince were once again absent from this week’s episode. I love the under-the-radar strategy. 

5) KellyAnne and Jamie (Last Week: 4)

KellyAnne and Jamie were in the bottom three of this week’s challenge. Let’s chalk this up to one bad week, not something to be alarmed about.

6) Camila and Tony (No change)

Tony and Camila got into argument that has me questioning this team's overall strength. The problem is these two have a fundamental difference in why they are here. Camila is an ultra-competitive Brazilian here to compete and win. Tony is a smooth-talking Italian who is here to bro out, drink shots, and degrade women. This team has me worried.

8) Amanda and Nelson (Last Week: 9)

Amanda seems to have gotten the message to chill out a bit on the “YOU DON’T KNOW ME. I’M NOT AFRAID OF YOU” game plan she came in with. That, coupled with this week’s impressive Jungle win, moves this team up the rankings. Not to mention sexy mixed Nelson appears to be the real deal. I'm not afraid to say his muscles were on point during this challenge.

7) Christina and Nate (Last Week: 9)

This team is shaping up to be this season’s sacrificial lamb. Oh you don’t know what that means in the context of The Challenge? Well step into AB’s Challenge History Corner.

Every season on The Challenge, the top teams choose an incredibly weak team whom they believe they can beat in all facets of the game. This is a team that gets carried to the finals, where they will be destroyed by the bigger, faster, smarter, and stronger teams, all but guaranteeing the stronger teams more money.

9) Dario and Nicole (Last Week: 8)

Dario and Nicole had no air time this episode but still have one of the weakest guys and one of the weakest girls in the challenge. Eventually their time will come.

10) Simone and Thomas (No Change)

Simone still has a torn butthole and is easily one of the top three most annoying roommates in the house. During this episode, Simone gets into an argument with Ashley, who happened to be in a power position after winning that day's challenge. Simone at one point brilliantly screamed at Ashley "Bitch DO IT! THROW ME IN! Vote me in! I wish you would" Guess what happened...Ashley threw Simone into the Jungle.*

*Simone and Thomas got lucky and avoided this week’s elimination. Simone then followed this up with one of my favorite moments that happens every season: When a bottom feeder miraculously comes back in the house following a Jungle and claims that everyone else will PAY for throwing them in, not realizing the more likely scenario will be themselves back in another Jungle.

11) Cheyenne and Devin (Back from the dead)

Cheyenne and Devin are back from the dead for vengeance OR they’ll be immediately thrown back in to the Jungle to lose again. One of the two.


Jessica and Johnny (Eliminated via Jungle in Week 5)

Jessica mentions in this episode that the only training she did for this season of the Challenge was a couple rounds on the monkey bars back home at a local park. Turns out the monkey bars didn’t quite do the trick. All season long it has been no secret Johnny hates Jessica. That finally came to a head during this week’s Jungle where Jessica couldn’t memorize a simple puzzle, sending this terrible duo home. |ES|

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