MTV's 'The Challenge: Rivals III' Power Rankings - Week 4

The season of disappointment, injuries, and quitters continued in episode four. Once again we were given an episode full of drunken lunatics screaming at each other with no elimination. For those keeping track, we are four episodes into the season and only have witnessed one Jungle. Don’t get me wrong, I love drunk drama. But that’s only half of the reason I love The Challenges.

Here’s the perfect recipe for a successful Challenge season:

  • ¼ drunk idiots fighting
  • ¼ drunk idiots hooking up
  • ¼ insane, once-in-a-lifetime challenges
  • ¼ intense, one-on-one, fight-to-the-death elimination duels

You mix that all together and you get a dangerous yet delicious cocktail.*

*You know the kind of drink you make in a big ass cooler before the big high school party, where you mix an alcohol that is the equivalent of gasoline with a bunch of juice? The drink tastes so good you can’t stop drinking it, then you end up puking all over your parent’s lawn because it’s sneaky strong. That’s the kind of cocktail we’retalking here.

The majority of episode four takes place during one particularly drunk night following the house party that TJ threw for the cast. Multiple people get into screaming matches and it appears multiple people may get into fisticuffs. That’s all great, but please give us some damn competition. *

*I want to reiterate that I LOVE the drama, folks. But I need a jungle now and again.

When everyone around you is embarrassed to be standing next to a quitter.

When everyone around you is embarrassed to be standing next to a quitter.

Guys. Does anyone in the world hate something more than TJ Lavin hates quitters? Most people in this world could only hope to feel as much passion and conviction in something as TJ has in his hate for people that quit reality TV shows. WE ARE TIRED OF THE QUITTERS.*

Besides the house party, this episode consisted of one team going home and approximately one half of your regular weekly challenge. The episode ended with Camila taking a hard fall into the water and screaming for someone to save her from drowning.**

*WE = TJ & AB

**Chill out Camila you have a life jacket.

Check out our latest power rankings following all the action from this week’s episode.

1) Sarah and Bananas (No change from last week)

Bananas spends most of his time making hilarious jokes about all the drama that is going on around him. He has completely avoided it thus far, which keeps him and Sarah at the top our rankings.

2) Nany and Wes (No change)

Nany gets into some major drama with Camila over literally nothing. No harm no foul.

3) Jenna and Vince (No change)

No news is good news when it comes to the top of the Challenge power rankings. Jenna and Vince stayed out of all the drama and continue to coast.

4) KellyAnne and Jamie (No change)


5) Ashley and Corey (No Change)

Unfortunately Ashley and Corey didn’t get any air time this week. Don’t worry though, Hurricane Smashley will be back. This is just the calm before the storm.

6) Camila and Tony (Last Week: 8)

Tony and Camila somehow make it out of episode four without being eliminated for getting into a physical altercation. These two get into an argument with Amanda about which reality TV show is superior: Real World or Are You The One?*

To sum up the fight: Tony thinks Real World is better than AYTO? because he had to pay for his own bar tabs sometimes on the show** and Camila thinks Amanda is “freckled motherfucker" which is my new favorite insult.

*Pretty good reason to get in a fight IMHO.

**Huh? Out of all the reasons that Real World is better than AYTO?, Tony somehow came up with the dumbest reason of them all. This guy is dumb.

7) Jessica and Johnny (Last week: 6)

These two still hate one another.

8) Dario and Nicole (Last Week: 7)

Nicole is easily one of my least favorite people in the house. For some reason she acts like her shit don’t stink and I’m not sure why. That, coupled with the fact that Dario is one of the worst male competitors in the house, means this team’s time in Mexico may be limited.

9) Amanda and Nelson (Last Week: 11)

Amanda gets into a knock-down, drag-out fight on two separate occasions this episode. One with Tony and another with Camila. This girl needs to CHILLLLLL or she and Nelson are going home asap.

One positive for this duo — and it’s a huge positive — Nelson is seen multiple times chilling and chumming it up with Johnny Bananas. If he somehow gets in with Bananas, this team is safe for a while.

10) Simone and Thomas (Last week: 9)

In what was one of the more cringe-worthy injuries of all time, Simone tore her asshole. Not sure that anything else needs to be said.

11) Christina and Nate (Last Week: 10)

Christina and Nate alienated themselves from the rest of the Are You The One? crew this week. They’re in trouble.

NR) Briana and Brandon: QUIT

After a tear-filled conversation with his girlfriend back home, Brandon decides it just isn’t worth it and decides to quit the show in one of the most selfish acts in Challenge history. Not only does Brandon have to leave, but he’s taking his partner with him. I sure hope Brandon and his girlfriend make it all the way, or else this guy’s going to regret this decision for the rest of his life. As TJ Lavin put it, “Don’t take care, hope to see yah never.”*

*TJ the legend. |ES|

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