MTV's 'The Challenge: Rivals III' Power Rankings - Week 3

After an extremely disappointing second episode, MTV got back to the basics and delivered everything we know and love about The Challenges: alcohol, drama, competition, and steamy hookups. 

During week three, the cast members enjoyed a LIT night out in Mexico full of unlimited drinks and bottomless drama. Not only that, we we were introduced to a brand new team. The Are you the One? posse became even bigger with the addition of Amanda and Nelson.*

The biggest question mark currently is whether or not the AYTO cast members are smart enough to team up against all the Real World/Road Rules veterans. If they are, OOOOHHHHH buddy we are in for a "Monday Night Wars" situation.**

* I’m tired of fighting it, okay? Tired of it! I can’t do it anymore. I’m going to watch Are You the One? It’s obvious these cast members are going to keep being thrown onto The Challenges, it’s time to get on board. And who are we kidding, the show seems fire. 

** These rookie scrubs aren't smart enough.

*          *          *

This week consisted of an X-rated challenge* that turns out was all for FUN. With the addition of the new team, TJ decided there would be no Jungle this week. Check out where everyone landed following the most recent Challenge in our Week 3 Power Rankings.

* MTV has this Rivals thing down to a science. The challenge this week took two people that hate each other and made them simulate having sex with each other on a piece soap in order to win. Pure genius. 

1) Sarah and Bananas (No change from last week)

I don't know how many different ways I can say the same thing about Bananas and Sarah, but I'll try. 

""You done fucked up no. You done put two of America's most wanted in the same motha fuckin' place at the same motha fuckin' time?" - 2 Pac" - AB 

2) Nany and Wes (No change)

"Work smarter, not harder." - Wes Bergmann*

Not only did Wes and Nany win this week's challenge, they did it with half the effort. While the rest of these idiots were frantically humping the bar of soap like their lives depended on it, Wes figured out a way to win by barely breaking a sweat.

* I'm not interested in finding who really came up with this phrase.

3) Jenna and Vince (Last Week: 2)

Jenna and Vince continue to be rock solid in each competition. Definitely a team that will be here until the end.

4) KellyAnne and Jamie (No change)

Jamie's association to Ashley is starting to worry me. He's just dumb enough to keep this love affair up even though she's a terrible drunk...and also a terrible sober person. That said, Jamie and KellyAnne are both solid competitors. 

5) Ashley and Corey (No Change)

Ashley was the LVP in the house this episode. Girl was a HOT MESS. She drank enough tequila to kill a small rhino. As a result, Ashley ended her night crying hysterically in the bathroom about a kiss she completely made up between Nicole and her first episode hook up, Jamie.

6) Jessica and Johnny (Last week: 7)

Jessica and Johnny were relatively quiet this episode, other than Jessica's small argument with Ashley.

Bottom line: Johnny hates Jessica and this team will not win because of that.

7) Dario and Nicole (Last Week: 8)

This episode, Nicole found herself smack dab in the middle of Hurricane Ashley.

Nicole had one of the better lines of the episode, explaining that she couldn't possibly have kissed Jamie because he's a prison guard. What is it that Nicole does for a living, you ask? Is she a doctor? A lawyer? A teacher? Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Nicole is a bartender at a strip club.

8) Camila and Tony (Last Week: 6)

Tony is starting to grow on me. Guy is the sole reason Ashley drank a kiddie pool amount of tequila. Every house needs a guy that will get the club turnt on a Tuesday. 

Unfortunately, after watching the juicy preview for this week's episode, I think Camila may go all Camilanator on the new girl Amanda. If that happens, Camila and Tony are gone, because TJ does NOT tolerate violence, guys. He's not going to say it again. 

9) Simone and Thomas (Last week: 9)

No change here. Thomas is screwed.

10) Christina & Nate  (Last Week: 10)

Out of all the AYTO? competitors, these two are my favorites to make it the furthest. Christina has been on one Challenge before and seems to be a person the other housemates don't mind being around.

11) Amanda & Nelson (New Addition)

Nelson seems like one of the coolest people walking God's green earth. Sexy mixed black dude with great swag. Unfortunately for sexy mixed Nelson, he's partnered with genuine crazy person, Amanda. Amanda managed to insult every person in the house within 15 minutes of her arrival. The only thing worse than a rookie is a rookie who makes the house unbearable.

12) Briana and Brandon (Last week: 11)

Don’t forget these two were already thrown into a Jungle, but stayed out by the luck of the draw. Briana and Brandon, everyone’s least favorite duo, is TOAST. |ES|

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