MTV's 'The Challenge: Rivals III' Power Rankings - Week 2

In what we can only hope is the worst episode of the season, nothing happened on The Challenge last week. Nothing. It was our worst nightmare: 60 minutes based completely around Jessica.

Quick emoji timeline of Jessica’s ups and downs throughout this episode:

Johnny doesn’t believe in Jessica

Johnny fake believes in Jessica.

“I really do not give a shit about Jessica’s emotions, feelings, nothing, but I have to accept the fact that Jessica’s my partner and give Jessica confidence. Did I mean it? No. Not at all. But if that’s gonna strengthen our trust and relationship then so be it, for the time being.”

Wannabe Italian playboy Tony starts vibing on Jessica.

Jessica doesn’t feel appreciated by her boyfriend back at home.

Jessica breaks up with boyfriend. Girl power.

Jessica goes into the elimination.


Jessica wins elimination challenge.

That’s the whole episode folks. The only other interesting tidbit was when TJ decided to CHANGE EVERYTHING by announcing the winning team of each week’s challenge must nominate two teams to send into the Jungle. This changed everything. Everything was changed. The game. Changed.

*          *          *

With no challenge this episode, there isn't much movement in our rankings. Most contestants get little to no camera time. How can we make jokes, MTV, when you give us no Dario time?

Check out our Week 2 Power Rankings below.

1) Sarah and Bananas (No change from last week)

2) Jenna and Vince (No change)

3) Nany and Wes (No change)

4) KellyAnne and Jamie (No change)

5) Ashley and Corey (No change)

6) Camila and Tony (Last week: 7)

7)  Jessica and Johnny (Last week: 12)

Jessica and Johnny avoided elimination in the first Jungle. Don’t get too excited — they faced off against a pair of rookies who were in way over their heads. HOWEVAH, a Jungle victory is nothing to shake a stick at. A win is a win.

8) Dario and Nicole (No change)

9) Simone and Thomas (Last week: 11)

10) Christina and Nate (Last week: 13)

A precedent has been set: Are You The One? contestants are screwed.

11) Briana and Brandon (Last week: 10)

The other team thrown into the Jungle that stayed out by the luck of the draw. Briana and Brandon will continue to be tossed in until they are gone.

OUT) Averey and Leroy (Sent home due to injury)

Okay...I cried when Leroy was told he couldn’t compete. There, I said it. Pour one out for our main man Leroy.

OUT) Cheyenne and Devin (Eliminated)

Turns out Cheyenne has never been in a competition of any type in her life. It showed. |ES|

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