MTV's 'The Challenge: Rivals III' Power Rankings - Week 10

You want competition? You want less drama? You want elimination Jungles? Are you not entertained? We're close to winning time, which means things are about to get serious. MTV got down to business with a no-frills episode for all the OG Challenge fans out there.

This week consisted of TWO, count em, TWO elimination Jungles and a rock-solid weekly challenge. We asked for competition and we finally got it. This episode started off at a Jungle where Christina and Nate awaited their fate. Devin The Skull Whisperer avoided pulling the black skull again* which resulted in Corey and Ashley going into the Jungle. In what TJ deemed the biggest upset in challenge history, Christina and Nate** defeated Corey and Ashley, knocking out one of the remaining frontrunner teams in the house. I’m not sure what I’m more surprised about TBH, the Cavs winning the NBA Finals or Christina and Nate beating Corey and Ashley.

This week’s challenge consisted of the teams soaring through the air on a punching bag while attempting to jump off and grab flags from a high-ass beam. With no real competition in sight, Bananas and Sarah easily won the challenge, making them the power couple once again. Coming in last again and automatically going into the Jungle were Nate and Christina.

In the second elimination Jungle of the night, Devin again avoided pulling the black skull resulting in West*** and Nany going into the Jungle. Could Nate and Christina pull off the second monumental upset in the matter of days?

See below in our weekly power rankings!

*Can we all agree Devin can tell the difference between the black and white skulls? The guy is cheating, flat out. I'm not sure how, but I'd like to start a formal investigation into the matter.

**Okay I may have said that if Christina and Nate faced Corey and Ashley there was a 99% chance Corey and Ashley would win. Big deal. What do you want me to do, apologize?

***Remember how Dario thinks Wes' name is West? Lmao

1) Sarah and Bananas (No change from last week) 

With Corey and Ashley eliminated, the path to the championship for Bananas and Sarah looks easier than the Dream Team's Olympic path in '92. I am frantically searching Vegas casinos to find some Challenge odds so I can bet the house on these two.

2) Jenna and Vince (Last Week: 5)

One half of the top alliance in the house, this team needs to just to keep holding on to Bananas and Sarah’s coattails and collect the earnings from second place.

3) Nicole and Dario (Last Week: 4) 

Nicole and Dario may have slid into the favorites to come in last place in this season's Finale. Third place is nothing to be ashamed about, they’ve survived five episodes longer than anyone expected, they are playing with house money.

4) Nany and West (Last Week: 3) 

Nany and Wes are in an awful position, they will be thrown into every Jungle after Sarah and Bananas' challenge wins. Last week’s likely won’t be their last.

5) Cheyenne and Devin (Last Week: 7) 

Eventually Cheyenne and Devin are just going to lose a challenge and Devin’s cheating ass won’t be able to pick the black skull.

OUT) Ashley and Corey (Eliminated via Jungle)


Corey losing a challenge to Nate makes me question everything. If you’re bigger, faster, stronger, smarter & better looking shouldn’t you always win the challenge? I don’t get it.

OUT) Christina & Nate (Eliminated via Jungle)

If you would have told me that the guy that wouldn’t sky dive out of the airplane on the first episode would make the final six, I would have called you a moron. Shows how much I know. |ES|

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