'MTV's The Challenge: Invasion' Week 8 Recap


One thing you can count in a Challenge season is folks are going to be asked to eat some disgusting ass food. In this week’s episode, we saw our first dreaded food challenge. These Fear Factor-esque competitions always consist of a long distance run, eating or drinking something absolutely foul, followed up with another longer run. The results are always the same.

This week’s contest was a $15,000 race through the jungles of Thailand. Challengers had to race up and down a hill, stopping twice to slurp down some lukewarm spicy curry. TBH this was probably a best-case scenario when it comes to food challenges. Just thank your lucky stars it wasn’t goat brain or elephant testicles.

While the Underdogs struggled with the curry, the Champions did not.

Obviously the Champions took home the $15K, demolishing the Underdogs despite having fewer people to drink the same amount of curry. In the Underdog elimination Jenna easily sent home the weakest remaining competitor, Sylvia. On the men’s side, the lamest person in Challenge history (Nelson) sent home the dumbest (Dario).

Side note: Literally nothing is going to change in the game, Nelson. Nothing.

For those not keeping track at home, here's where the money's at:

  • Champions: $25,000
  • Underdogs: $10,000

AB's Power Rankings: Champions

1. Laurel

Our girl Laurel tackled her first-ever eating challenge and lived to tell the story. No weaknesses, folks. 

2. Bananas

Right as the Underdogs are ready to internally combust, here comes Bananas to throw the match.

3. Darrell

The guy's a legend with no holes in his game. 

4. CT

I’m starting to wonder if Bananas and Darrell may have a secret alliance going on to get themselves to the final. That would leave our dude CT on the outside looking in. Sad!

5. Cara Maria

Cara spends her days pranking rookies and getting none of the blame. The girl's got it figured out. 

6. Camilla

Next week marks the return of The Camillanator. As we know, this usually results in Camilla crying on a plane ride home after drunkenly striking someone. 

AB's Power Rankings: Underdogs

1. Nicole

The most athletic newcomer we’ve seen in a long time. Nicole continues to impress week after week.

2. Hunter

Can someone please test this short guy for steroids?

This week Bananas pointed out Hunter is crazy short and has carny hands. It's now all I can focus on when I look at Hunter.

3. Shane

Shane is so tired of being around all these rookie idiots that are a decade younger then him. Shane knows how to play the game while these kids don’t.

4. Jenna

Another elimination, another win for the blonde Barbie. 

5. Corey

Welp Corey stayed single in the house for one episode….that was fun.

6. Ashley

Ashley found herself on the wrong end of multiple pranks this week. Let’s just say she did not handle these well. 

7. Amanda

If the preview for next week's episode comes true, Amanda will find herself smack dab in the middle of the Camilinator. That won’t end well.

8. Nelson

Lame-ass Nelson quote of the week: “This is what I was born to do…” right before a reality TV show competition. |ES|