'MTV's The Challenge: Invasion' Week 7 Recap

This Challenge is shaping up to be one of my favorites in recent memory. MTV has gotten back to the basics with an old school formula for great episodes: a dash of drama, a heaping serving of gnarly (TJ’s words, not mine), once-in-a-lifetime competitions, and for dessert, delicious knock-down drag-out physical eliminations.

This week we saw an awesome challenge with contestants competing high above the disgusting Thailand water (Zach's words, not mine) in an attempt to stay in a gigantic wooden hamster wheel the longest.

The Champions got the W and added $10,000 to their team bank account. In the first Champion elimination of the season, Darrell defeated the monster Zach through sheer old-man dad strength, and elimination queen Cara Maria sent Ashley K. packing because that's what she does.

For those not keeping track at home, the Champions and Underdogs both have $10k in their team bank accounts so far.

AB's Power Rankings: Champions

1. Laurel

I just don’t see any real competition here for our girl Laurel.

2. CT


3. Bananas

This guy's playing chess while the rest of you idiots are playing checkers.

4. Darrell

The man ripped a damn pole out of Thor's hands.

5. Cara Maria

The elimination queen sent another poor girl home this week. Unfortunately for Cara I don’t think this is the last elimination she’ll be in.

6. Camilla

The clear weak link of the Champions squad. I can’t see her beating Laurel or Cara Maria in an elimination.

AB's Power Rankings: Underdogs

1. Nicole 

I call her the female Terminator. NOTHING can stop this girl.

2. Hunter

This guy is an absolute beast. The only Underdog that can stack up physically with the Champion men.

3. Shane

The wily old vet of the Underdog team. This guy has won two eliminations, performed well on the challenges and is the most well-liked person on the team.

4. Dario

All Dario’s dumb ass does is win. The man has arguably been the most consistent Underdog ... but will his bae getting sent home send him in a tailspin?

5. Jenna

Zach going home is a blessing in disguise for this bad ass Barbie.

6. Corey

Corey’s only kryptonite are the ladies. Unfortunately for Corey, the Camillanator has her sights squarely on him. DON’T DO IT COREY.

7. Ashley

Ashley is fun to have in the house, but doesn't bring much to the table when it comes to competitions.Also I think Ashley may get sent home for killing Hunter over some made-up drama she concocts in her head.

8. Amanda

Horrible showing from Amanda this week.

9. Sylvia

Still trying to wrap my head around how Sylvia won two eliminations.

10. Nelson

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Nelson is the worst. |ES|