'MTV's The Challenge: Invasion' Week 3 Recap

No matter how much reality television I watch in my life, I will always fall for a great "Coming Up Next Week..." teaser. This usually results in disappointment and self-loathing ("How could I fall for this again?!"). This week I sat down in front of my TV expecting to be reunited with my favorite Challenge cast members of all time.

I was duped again.

We were teased all episode with the Champions showing up wrecking shit, only to be disappointed by them appearing for approximately five seconds at the end of the episode. But! Have no fear—the true game will begin next episode (God I hope so). I suppose we should still take a look at what happened this week.

This week was the last opportunity for the remaining six in-limbo contestants to earn a spot on the Underdogs team. During the challenge, contestants were thrown in a tiny dog cage, spun around until they were throw-up dizzy, and then required to violently slam their bodies into the cage to flip it to the finish line.

The girls and the boys both had competitive races with Shane and Amanda pulling out the W.

The losing four contestants were given one last shot in the final Shelter elimination. In one of the most grueling eliminations to date, TJ had the challengers climb up and down what seemed like a half-marathon worth of stairs.

Surprisingly none of these contestants quit with Nelson (boooo) and Sylvia earning their spots in the Oasis. If you’ve lost track at home, the complete Underdogs team consists of: 












Nelson (boooooo)

AB’s Random Challenge Thoughts:

  • This dude Nelson is SO CORNY.
  • The winners of this week’s challenge won a year's supply of Burger King. Nothing funny to say here, genuinely wondering how that works. Do they get a BK Black Card to use whenever they want? Is it limited per day? Does it include desserts as well? I NEED DETAILS TJ.
  • People forget that BK is crazy good.
  • If you aren’t a huge Shane fan...I GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA.
  • As a guy that thinks of the Challenge as Americas 5th Major sport even I find myself saying: “Nelson takes this shit way too seriously.” Chill out bro.
  • This OASIS house is SICK. My man Dario said it best: “WE GOT SOAP….WE GOT JACUZIS……WE GOT COLD CUTS……WE GOT TOILETS…..and best of all WE GOT CLEAN TOWELS.” 
  • Best moment of the episode: “Let’s do a shot to Jenna not having an ex here”……cut scene to Jenna’s ex who is showing up on the show tomorrow.
  • Apparently the lack of drunken fights & hookups wasn’t because these kids are boring, it was because of the disgusting conditions of the Shelter. As soon as they arrive at the Oasis things TURN UP. This is more like it.
  • Welp...fun's over you rookie fucks.