'MTV's The Challenge: Invasion' Week 11 Recap: Underdog Bloodbath



After going through the five stages of grief following the exit of Johnny Bananas, I came into this week expecting a garbage episode of The Challenge. Boy was I wrong — TJ promised an Underdog bloodbath and the man wasn’t lying.

This week, The Challenge was jam-packed with 100% eliminations no chasers. Every single Underdog's head was on the chopping block.

The first of two elimination rounds started with an adult game of "Ring Around The Rosie" followed by a rousing game of Sudoku. The four remaining men and women competed, and the losers were sent home. On the men’s side we saw HGH-infused psychopath Hunter's time in Thailand come to an end because he legitimately can’t count to six. On the women’s side, our girl Jenna, the bad ass Barbie, took the L. :-(

In the second elimination showdown, the six remaining men and women competed in a modified version of tug of war. On the women’s side, Amanda fought valiantly but was sent home by Nicole, the beast.

Unfortunately the men’s elimination was cut short with the dreaded "To Be Continued..." We will find out next week if Shane or Corey pulls out the W. 

For those not keeping track at home, here is where we sit in the game:

  • Remaining Champions: CT, Darrel, Laurel & Camilla
  • Remaining Underdogs: Ashley, Nicole, Nelson, Shane*, Corey*
    • *Currently in an elimination

Team banks:

  • Champions: $25,000
  • Underdogs: $55,000

AB's Random Challenge Thoughts

  • I’m not even mad at MTV for this week's "To Be Continued..." This episode was double-stuffed and simply couldn’t be fit into one hour.
  • You don’t realize how dumb some of these meatheads are until they take more than an hour and a half to complete a basic Sudoku puzzle.
  • Speaking of the Sudoku, after an hour and a half Hunter still had about 20 pieces left unsolved of the puzzle. The South is a hell of a place.
  • Lol:
  • Shout out to Jenna for her first-ever elimination prior to the season finale episode. The girl is legit.
  • What do ya know? The lamest guy in Challenge history, Nelson, stabbed his real-life friend, Corey, squarely in the back.
  • I mean come on ... look at this corny mother fucker.
  • I’ve come to the conclusion that this season of The Challenge is one of the best of all time. 
  • Unrelated: If you aren’t watching Stranded With A Million Dollars you need to reevaluate your life. Here is a contestant ripping up 60K USD's in the name of the game.

This show is a new level of petty and I love it. |ES|