MTV's 'The Challenge: Invasion' Preseason Scouting Reports

If the Monstars were about to face the Toon Squad without Michael Jordan.

If the Monstars were about to face the Toon Squad without Michael Jordan.

The day we have all been patiently waiting for is finally upon us. America's fifth (and like third-best) major sport is back for its 29th season. MTV's The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions begins February 7th and features the most star-studded cast in years. Coming off a season filled with anonymous Are You The One? kids, the head honchos at MTV knew they needed to make a splash with some big names. So what did they do? They guaranteed the veterans a cake walk to the prize money.

This season is a team-based game pitting those who have never won a Challenge before ("Underdogs") vs. those who have ("Champions"). I have a little spoiler for ya ... the Champions are going to win again.




Let’s take a look at these Underdog idiots and determine if any of the rookie scrubs have a chance at the throne.


Amanda was last seen on Rivals III starting drama with EVERYBODY. The only thing worse than a rookie is a rookie who doesn’t know her place. Unless Amanda had serious attitude adjustment in the past six months, she’s going home early.


Real World: Bad Blood alum Anika makes her first appearance in a Challenge house. Girl hasn’t paid her dues.


Listen guys, I am not going to sugar coat this. I don’t consider myself a prejudiced person, but Are You The One? kids are worthless losers who will never win The Challenge. Sorry Anthony. You seem like a good dude.

Ashley M.

This video sums up why any house occupied by Ashley M. is a much more entertaining place for it. Ashley loves to party, drink, and hook up. Period. 


All I know about Bruno is he was on Real World: Skeletons and currently lives in a Jeep. I wouldn’t last a single day living in a Jeep so this guy must be tough. I’ll pencil him in as someone to watch on the Underdogs.


Cory is one of the only Underdogs to win some cash on past Challenges, finishing second on Battle of the Bloodlines. This Underdog team will go as far as Cory can take them.


Remember when Dario thought his good friend Wes’ name was West? 


I don’t know anything about Hunter except that he’s built like a Greek god. I would suggest you Google him but the pictures are very NSFW. Also biceps.


Don’t let Jenna’s ditzy personality fool yah, this bad ass Barbie comes to win money.

Jenna has an impressive track record making the finals in three of her four seasons. On Invasion, Jenna faces her toughest Challenge yet: being in a house with her ex-boyfriend, the d-bag Zach. Fireworks will fly.


I think this tweet says it all:


Latoya is all drama all day. Excited to see what she can stir up on another season.


Apparently Marie was on Battle of the Seasons in 2012. Who knew?


This man is one of the sexiest people walking God’s green earth. Unfortunately for Nelson, his muscles seem to be only for show. 


My sleeper pick of the season. I anticipate this Real World: Skeletons alum to make it far. This girl's got the build to put some serious fear in her Champion opposition. 


Shane is the wise old man of the Underdog team. He’s been a tremendous competitor in five past seasons of The Challenge. Unfortunately for Shane, his most memorable moment involves him getting punked by CT in one of the top Challenge eliminations of all time. “DON’T TOSS YOUR COOKIES!”

RIP Dave Mirra.


This girl has no shot.


Theo is a former college football player. He may be the secret weapon the Underdogs need to compete with the Champions.


We last saw Tony packing his bags after being sent home from Rivals III for being a drunk asshole. Apparently Tony is a father now, so maybe he's calmed down a bit? Idk I’m still in shock that he has a kid.


This collection of Champions is filled with some of the best Challenge personalities of all time. These are your inevitable winners.

Ashley K.

I’ll be honest with you guys here. I’m embarrassed to say I have no clue who this is. Ashley was only on one Challenge and apparently was on the winning team. She is pretty clearly going to be the weakest of the Champions.


Bananas is back for his 14th season on The Challenge. Johnny is our top male athlete in Challenge history.


We wondered if we’d ever see CT on a Challenge again. All of our prayers have been answered as he returns for another season, after a three-year hiatus. See where CT falls on our all-time Challenge competitor rankings.


One of the top athletes in Challenge history. We last saw Cara Maria claiming her first title on Battle of the Bloodlines. See where Cara Maria falls among the all-time greats. 


We haven’t seen Darrell in seven damn seasons. I think I speak for all of us when I say welcome back. Winner of four Challenges, Darrell finds himself near the top of our all-time power rankings.


The GOAT is finally back. We interviewed Laurel last summer on the Rimcast. She's the best.


Listen, I’m #TeamJenna here. Won’t catch me saying a nice thing about this guy. He is built like Thor though. (Okay so one nice thing.) |ES|

All images courtesy of MTV, obviously.