Man Occasionally Talks To Himself About Sports And Life While Cutting His Own Hair, Deserves Slice Of Profits From LeBron James' Barbershop Web Series

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Last year, LeBron James and Friends (regular dudes 2 Chainz and Draymond Green) sat in a New Orleans barbershop and talked about sports, business, and life. The bad words are muted but fellas (dudes-only post, sorry) the conversation was so intimate I found myself audibly interjecting with my own opinions. ("I agree with you, LeBron! Tom Brady is merely half the sportsman of LeBron James. Your evidence is irrefutable and all who disagree are clouded by their own jealousy. Please continue.") They didn't hear me, of course, because they're rich people who rented out an entire barbershop on All-Star Weekend and I was a dude laying on a rug trying not to drop my phone on my face.

Other than the fact that wine was the drink of choice, it was a pretty normal barbershop situation: Guys raggin' on each other, disagreeing vehemently but respectfully, gettin' deep about stuff, some more teasing here and there, hairline jokes, etc. Just hanging with the boys.

Someone involved with the Alabama football program must have seen this video (or this barbershop talk show with pro athletes, or this stage production, or this reality competition, or perhaps one of the three movies in the seminal Barbershop trilogy, or the spin-off TV show, or maybe he or she has just been in a barbershop before), because those boys cooked up a show of their own featuring none other than head coach Nick Saban.

"...So then I was like, 'Wait, Leia can just  float  back to the ship? They never told us the Force could do that.'" |   Alabama Football Vimeo

"...So then I was like, 'Wait, Leia can just float back to the ship? They never told us the Force could do that.'" | Alabama Football Vimeo

The folks at LeBron's production company, UNINTERRUPTED (properly stylized in case they want to give me a job), did not take too kindly to this perceived knock-off. So they sent Saban and the fellas a strongly worded letter essentially saying, "Hey we already filmed an unscripted conversation among men laughing and exchange opinions while getting their hair cut, you can't do that now."

Alabama changed the name of the show, then put out a second episode, which means they are now The Simpsons of casual barbershop talk web series.

But would you believe it, someone else claims LeBron's discussion with Draymond and 2 Chainz aka Tity Boi was their idea all along. From reputable journalistic outlet The Washington Post

Claiming that LeBron James and his business associates stole the idea of a video series set in a barbershop “for their own commercial gain,” a Michigan businessman has filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging trademark infringement over James’s “The Shop” Web series, which airs on the NBA star’s UNINTERRUPTED platform.

Perhaps UINTERRUPTED should countersue this charlatan for stealing their idea of flimsily accusing other people of stealing ideas related to digital barbershop content. (That's beneath LeBron, of course. Family man who rides his bike to work has no intention of harming small businesses.)

The only reasonable solution here is to split the profits from all barbershop shows with everyone who has ever talked about sports and/or life while receiving or observing a haircut. This includes me, a man who buzzes his own hair while listening to sports talk podcasts and occasionally nodding in agreement. My Venmo is TimKennedyJr, thank you. |ES|