Let Jim Harbaugh Renew Your Zest For Life

Rough start to 2016, huh?

Your favorite musician (or actor) probably died. Two reality TV juggernauts managed to join forces without causing the political world to collapse on itself. On top of that, it's probably snowing where you live.

Thankfully, Jim Harbaugh is here to renew your zest for life. List off the things he's done the last few weeks on the recruiting trail and you have the basis for a pretty solid commencement speech:

Never stop learning

Thinking of going back to school? Taking that cooking class? Getting your master's? Jim is one step ahead of you, putting in work in the classroom and asking questions about world religions.

What's your excuse?

Climb more trees

When was the last time you climbed a tree? Perhaps you're not in peak physical shape like Jim. Or maybe you recognize that, you know, there's no real reason to climb a tree.

But don't be scared. Climb that branch. Lose your footing against the bark. See the world from a different perspective.

Spend time with friends

When Harbaugh shows up past midnight for a sleep over at the Murphys #pillowfight

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"Here's to the nights we won't remember with friends we'll never forget." - some quote

What's better than getting together with your closest friends, piling up the blankets and pillows, and dangerously exceeding your couch's recommended weight limit? The only things missing from this picture are three pints of Ben & Jerry's.


Some adults strap themselves into giant plastic orbs for fun, others drain jumper after jumper with perfect old-man form. However you play, do so often.

Above all, look out for yourself

You're in Jim's world now, kid. |ES|

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