"It's A Trap!" | 'Game of Thrones' S7 E3 Recap

For an episode with so much bloodshed and long-awaited character meetings, this somehow failed to live up to the hype. I’ve got some ideas why that is. Read on for my musings (because we don’t believe in prophecies anymore).

Dragonstone (Jon Snow, Davos Seaworth, Tyrion Lannister, Missandei, Melisandre, Varys)

This should have been way more exciting.

This should have been way more exciting.

Right from the get-go this episode I couldn’t stop thinking about how much has changed since the first season. In season one, if someone was told to “hand over their weapons” it meant they were going to end up dead. Threats weren’t empty or didn’t go unchallenged. Now that we’ve reached the point where Game of Thrones is a TV show inspired by a series of novels, it feels like we’ve lost some of the unpredictability that ran rampant in earlier seasons ― when anyone could die at any time.

Now we’re watching Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen trade history and life lessons with each other, but there’s no weight to any of it because we know they’re the main characters in the TV show. We’re supposed to root for both of them. They’re the most popular characters in the series, and while that once would’ve meant nothing, it now means they have plot armor until at least the final season of the show.

It’s hard to be 100% invested in these two arguing when we know they each have to find out the truth about Jon’s birth and deal with that revelation before anything can happen to them. For that reason, the conflict for the sake of conflict here just didn’t work.

Anyway, Jon is going to get some dragonglass, but he’s not agreeing to help Dany with overthrowing King’s Landing ... yet.

King’s Landing (Euron Greyjoy, Yara Greyjoy, Sandsnake Mama, Sand Snake Daughter #1, Cersei Lannister, Jamie Lannister, Iron Bank Loan Shark)

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

You guys, I hate Euron so much, but he’s also the most fun person in the series to watch right now. His taunting and ego are reaching Ramsey Bolton levels of doucheness.

Cersei finally got her revenge on the Sandsnakes for murdering her daughter. There’s definitely the chance for Mama Sandsnake to somehow escape her cell, but I think we’d all be fine if she stayed down there forever. Not sure Dorne has a role to play in the rest of the series.

We also were “treated” to a visit from a representative from the Iron Bank (remember these guys from, like, three seasons ago?) Anyway, he lays out how much of a shitty financial situation the Lannisters are in right now, and says they’re considering backing another’s claim to the Iron Throne. I don’t really know how this is going to come back later in the season, but believe me when I say: this is going to come back later in this season as a factor for some series of events taking place. #hottakes

Winterfell (Sansa Stark, Littlefinger, Bran Stark)

Greetings, human sister. Beep Bop Boop.

Greetings, human sister. Beep Bop Boop.

Let’s check in on Winterfell and see if Littlefinger’s still unacceptably creepy...

Yep. He is. Case closed. Let’s pack it up and head home.

Oh, Bran’s back at Winterfell! And he’s an android! He tries explaining what the Three-Eyed-Raven is to Sansa, but she doesn’t get it. He chooses to show her his power by telling her she looked really pretty the night she got raped by Ramsey Bolton. GREAT ICE BREAKER, BRAN. Haven’t seen your sister in years, and that’s the happy memory you choose to conjure up? Smdh…

Citadel (Sam, Jorah)

Tell this old dude to shove his scrolls up his ass, Sam. EMBRACE YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL.

Tell this old dude to shove his scrolls up his ass, Sam. EMBRACE YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL.

Sam’s proving himself useful! Congrats on your plot development, Sam. Now if you could try to do a little less of the “neurotic, socially awkward sidekick” routine, we'd greatly appreciate it.

Let’s talk about Jorah being cured for a minute. Greyscale is another one of those things in the Game of Thrones TV universe that was hyped up as a death sentence. It slowly drives you insane as it kills you, and there’s no coming back from being infected. Now when Dany commanded Jorah to heal himself, we knew it would happen. I just didn’t expect it to happen in the next season in the span of literally one episode. And it wasn’t even like he got a prognosis of “Well, it seems like it’s gone for now.” He was told flat-out, “There’s no evidence of the disease. You’re cured.”

Again I say: we’re witnessing a changed Westeros from earlier seasons. The rules are evolving to suit the narrative, and that just wasn’t always the case.

Casterly Rock (Greyworm, Unsullied)

Highgarden (Jamie Lannister, Olenna Tyrell)

Bonus points here for calling Joffrey a ‘cunt’ one last time.

Bonus points here for calling Joffrey a ‘cunt’ one last time.

Jamie pays a visit to Olenna Tyrell who burns him so severely in the ensuing conversation you’d think he came up against one of Dany’s dragons. (Sorry, that was really bad.)

During her last moments, Olenna reveals to Jamie that she was the one who killed Joffrey, which inadvertently lead to the deaths of all his children. It’s the ultimate truth bomb, and Jamie can’t even respond because she’s already dead. All he can do is stew in his rage.

How her revelation will play out in the long run is still up for debate. The biggest takeaway from it is that now Jamie knows for sure his brother Tyrion had nothing to do with Joffrey’s death. When the two inevitably come face-to-face again, how will this shape their conversation?