It Would Behoove Opposing Teams To Tackle Patrick Mahomes Immediately Upon The Snap Of The Ball



The Los Angeles Chargers — whose fans would only fill the modest soccer stadium temporarily serving as the Chargers’ home field if they were deceived into thinking it was an invite-only event for Instagram influencers — made several critical errors in their contest against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday: Receivers dropped would-be touchdown passes, returners muffed kicks, and punters willingly sent balls in the direction of a player nicknamed “Cheetah”. But the most grievous blunder was made by the Chargers’ defensive players, who failed to tackle Patrick Mahomes immediately upon the snap of the ball.

Mahomes, starting the first meaningful game of his career Sunday, can throw a football over them mountains. His Winter Soldier arm is the reason the Chiefs paid handsomely for the opportunity to draft him. It’s not so much a cannon but a crossbow. The kid is Henry Rowengartner but with work ethic in the weight room. (I could go on, but it seems silly to waste a season’s worth of metaphors in one paragraph. Rest assured I got a million of ‘em.)

The Chargers discovered this the hard way. The easy way, for reference, would be to gaze in wonderment at a majestic 70-yard Mahomes rainbow, upset about giving up another touchdown but secretly delighted to have a front row seat to greatness for the next 15 years. The hard way involves a near-sack followed by a surprise laser flick, the motion of which is nearly incomprehensible to even the boldest QB gunslingers.

If you break down the film extensively, which I have, that sequence comes down to this: The Chargers simply gave Mahomes too much time to make a play. As a unit, you have to do a better job of getting to the quarterback. Swim move, bull rush, actual magic and/or teleportation, whatever it takes. Mahomes had nearly a half-second to throw a spectacular touchdown pass! It’s just not a sustainable strategy if you’re the Chargers.

My advice to all future Chiefs opponents is to tackle Patrick Mahomes very quickly! Otherwise he will throw the ball where only his teammate can receive it and then you’re really in trouble. |ES|