Gennady Golovkin Crumpled Some Poor Schlub Just Like The Old Days

It had been more than two years since Gennady Golovkin walked toward an opponent and pummeled him until he lay in a whimpering, crumpled daze. After Triple G’s last two fights each went the distance, some feared the days of big drama show knockouts were behind him. Thanks to a few positive steroid tests from would-be foe Canelo Alvarez, we were treated to a vintage Golovkin “fight” where he spent more time walking to the ring than he did in it.

The schlub in question was Vanes Martirosyan, an eleventh-hour substitute who last fought — and lost — more than two years ago in a lower weight class. In a different time, Golovkin would probably have let Martirosyan hang around for a few rounds, let him get a few licks in and put on a little show for the fans. But Triple G wasn’t in the mood, coming out in the second round like a man who had $20 million less in his bank account than he was expecting a few weeks ago.

The post-fight was the cherry on top of this throwback to the days of Golovkin running through inferior competition. His opponent was in awe  ("It was like being hit by a train.") and Triple G adorably jumbled his gracious message to the crowd (“Guys, thank you for support, and congratulations for Cinco de Mayo!”). In terms of real stakes, it was a mostly pointless event. But considering the slate of fighters now suddenly eager to take on the 36-year-old, it may have been one of the last old-fashioned beatdowns we see from the God of War. |ES|

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