'Game of Thrones' Recap - Season 6, Episode 4: "How Dany Got Her Groove Back"

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Hm. A silver-haired magic-wielder who burns down an entire village. Where have I seen that before? (Final Fantasy VII FYI)

Subtitle for this episode should be: #FEELINGS

All in all, another great episode in what’s shaping up to be one of the best seasons yet of Game of Thrones.

We’ve got three pretty huge battles taking shape, but when they’ll actually happen is still up in the air. One thing’s for sure, though: Ramsay’s gonna die.

Castle Black/The Wall

Fun fact: When two Starks are together in the same place, the chances of tragedy increase tenfold. | HBO.com

Fun fact: When two Starks are together in the same place, the chances of tragedy increase tenfold. | HBO.com

The Stark family ain’t exactly known for their tales of joy and happiness, so when Jon and Sansa finally got their reunion this episode, there was only one way to feel about it:

Sansa’s also proving to be the catalyst Jon needs to get him out of this “Waah, I died and came back to life, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do anymore” funk he’s slipping into. And let’s face it: that’s a really dumb reason to have an existential crisis, Jon. Smh

The stakes are raised for #bastardbowl yet again when Ramsay sends a letter to Castle Black telling Jon and Sansa he’s got their little brother and is going to basically rape and murder everyone and everything they’ve ever known. Little does the psychopath know, Jon and Sansa’s army is about to fucktuple in size as Littlefinger works his magic in the Vale.

The Vale

The latest cover of  Westeros GQ . | HBO.com

The latest cover of Westeros GQ. | HBO.com

Baelish is back, baby! And he’s just as scheming as we remember. 

The few minutes he’s on screen are enough to show us he’s got Robin Arryn, Lord of the Vale and all-around terrible human being, wrapped around his littlefinger.*

* Couldn't help myself.

King’s Landing

Jamie’s face sums up my reaction to this story line so far. | HBO.com

Jamie’s face sums up my reaction to this story line so far. | HBO.com

Looks like we’ve got a real “enemy of my enemy” situation going on here. 

Cersei and Olenna have come to the realization that the High Sparrow is always a step ahead of them, so they’re teaming up to take him down. 

With Jaime leading the Tyrell army, Cersei gets what she wants — the High Sparrow’s head — and Olenna gets what she wants — Margarey home safe and sound.

Dothraki HQ

Daenerys: 2 Dothraki: 0 | HBO.com

Daenerys: 2 Dothraki: 0 | HBO.com

In a wonderful turn of events and a giant blaze of fire, it looks like we’re finally done with the Dothraki storyline. 

The khals met to decide if Dany was going to live the rest of her life as a slave or just die right then and there. The Mother of Dragons went with Option C: topsy-turvy that mother fucker. 

Khaleesi walks out of the fire, naked but totally unharmed, harkening back to the Season 1 finale. The Dothraki, Jorah and Daario bow to her, kind of unable to believe what they’re seeing, and that’s another giant-ass army for Dany as she continues her quest to take back the Iron Throne.

Other stuff:

  • There’s some awkwardness between Davos, Melisandre and Brienne for obvious reasons. Will the newly formed group be able to keep their shit together long enough to help Jon and Sansa take down Ramsey? Or will there be in-fighting that complicates the cause?
  • Alfie Allen continues to impress me with his acting. I just don’t care enough about this Salt Throne storyline right now to devote a bunch of time to writing about it.

But with all the other major players in Westeros distracted and gearing up for other battles, now might be the perfect time for the Iron Islands to strike at the throne.

They just need to find out who’s going to lead them, and logic says it ain’t gonna be Yara. Why play up the new character, Euron Greyjoy, just to have him play second fiddle to Theon’s sister? |ES|

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