AB's Best Bets: Guide To The 2016 MLB Season

Welcome to AB's betting guide to the 2016 season, including over/under predictions for every team and the best World Series and MVP values.

National League


Arizona Diamondbacks 🔒
2015 win total: 79
2016 over/under: 84.5

With the additions of Shelby Miller and Zach Grienke, this team has a chance to be very good.  My lock of the NL West goes to the D-Backs going OVER 84.5 wins.

San Francisco Giants
2015 win total: 84
2016 over/under: 90

Ninety wins is a ton of wins y'all. You can rest easy taking the UNDER.

Los Angeles Dodgers
2015 win total: 92
2016 over/under: 87

The departure of Zach Grienke is going to hurt. I don’t think the greatness of Clayton Kershaw can carry this staff to 90 wins again. Take the UNDER.

San Diego Padres
2015 win total: 74
2016 over/under: 74

I wouldn’t trust the Padres to win a dime for me. If anything, this team's going to have an "EVERYTHING MUST GO!" sale halfway through the season. I’m taking the UNDER.



Colorado Rockies
2015 win total: 68
2016 over/under: 68.5

This team is garbo. UNDER


New York Mets
2015 win total: 90
2016 over/under: 88

Not betting against Harvey, DeGrom, and Syndergaard. Not today, not ever. I’m taking the OVER.

Washington Nationals 🔒
2015 win total: 83
2016 over/under: 87

This is the same team everyone loved going in to last season. I’m pounding the OVER for my NL East lock.

Miami Marlins
2015 win total: 71
2016 over/under: 80.5

Once in a blue moon the Marlins burst onto the championship scene, only to blow it up a year later. This may be that year! I’m taking the OVER.

Philadelphia Phillies
2015 win total: 63
2016 over/under: 66.5

This is one of the worst rosters I’ve ever seen assembled. I’m taking the UNDER.

Atlanta Braves
2015 win total: 67
2016 over/under: 65

This teams going to shock the world imho. Go Braves. OVER.

Chicago Cubs
2015 win total: 97
2016 over/under: 89

Holy cow this is the best team of all time imo. AB’s laughing to the bank with this OVER.

St. Louis Cardinals 🔒
2015 win total: 100
2016 over/under: 87.5

Lost a couple pieces, but they always make it work. AB’s NL Central lock goes to the Cards OVER.

Pittsburgh Pirates
2015 win total: 98
2016 over under: 87

Jesus, the NL Central is good. I’m taking the OVER.

Milwaukee Brewers
2015 win total: 68
2016 over/under: 71.5

Not really sure how this team is winning more than last year. UNDER ftw.

Cincinnati Reds
2015 win total: 64
2016 over/under: 71

This team is going to clean house before it’s all said and done. I’m taking the UNDER.

American League


Texas Rangers
2015 win total: 88
2016 over/under: 86

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose. TEXAS FOREVER. OVER.

Houston Astros 🔒
2015 win total: 86
2106 over/under 85.5

The 'Stros are one of my favorites to win the American League. AB’s AL West lock goes to the Astros OVER.

Seattle Mariners
2015 win total: 83
2016 over/under 75.5

Not sure that this team can win eight more games than last year. I’m taking the UNDER.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
2015 win total: 85
2016 over/under: 82.5

I’m not betting against the best player in MLB history, Mike Trout, and that 40-year-old guy who makes more money than him. I’m taking the OVER.

Oakland Athletics
2015 win total: 68
2016 over/under: 75.5

This team is trash. I love the UNDER here.


Getty Images

Getty Images

Toronto Blue Jays 🔒
2015 win total: 93
2016 over/under: 87

This is the most electrifying team in the American League. For my AL East lock I’m taking the Blue Jays OVER.

Boston Red Sox
2015 win total: 78
2016 over/under: 85.5

Not sure that I’m buying the Red Sox challenging for the AL East title. I’m taking the UNDER.

New York Yankees
2015 win total: 87
2016 over/under: 85

Not betting on Big Tex and A-Rod carrying this team to another playoff run. I’ll go with the UNDER.

Baltimore Orioles
2015 win total: 81
2016 over/under: 80.5

This team has tons of pop and I always trust Buck Showalter. I’m taking the OVER.

Tampa Bay Rays
2015 win total: 80
2016 over/under: 78

Hate this team and all of their players. I’m taking the UNDER.


Kansas City Royals
2015 win total: 95
2016 over/under: 87

Wow the Royals won the WORLD SERIES.  What a time to be alive.  This team is the real deal, for my AL Central lock I’m taking the OVER.

Detroit Tigers
2015 win total: 74
2016 over/under: 85

Not sold on the Tigers pitching staff. I’m taking the UNDER.

Cleveland Indians
2015 win total: 81
2016 over/under: 84

This pitching staff should be able to carry the lifeless corpse that is their lineup to 84 wins. I’m taking the OVER.

Chicago White Sox
2015 win total: 76
2016 over/under 80.5

If a child can’t be in the workplace with a bunch of grown men I don’t know what this world is coming to. Taking the UNDER.

Minnesota Twins
2015 win total: 83
2016 over/under 77.5

This is an extremely balanced division. The Twins could be better than last year. I’m taking the OVER.

Most Valuable Player Award

National League

  • Bryce Harper (WSH) +200
  • Andrew McCutchen (PIT) +500
  • Paul Goldschmidt (ARI) +500
  • Giancarlo Stanton (MIA) +650
  • Kris Bryant (CHC) +900
  • Buster Posey (SF) +1200
  • Anthony Rizzo (CHC) +1200
  • Joey Votto (CIN) +2000
  • Yoenis Cespedes (NYM) +2000
  • Nolan Arenado (COL) +2000
  • Jason Heyward (CHC) +3300
  • Yasiel Puig (LAD) +4000
  • Starling Marte (PIT) +4000
  • Anthony Rendon (WSH) +5000
  • Adrian Gonzalez (LAD) +5000

Taking a favorite in a yearlong MVP Award race is a sucker's bet. I’m picking the best player on the best team and laughing to the bank at +1200. Anthony Rizzo for MVP. 

American League

Getty Images

Getty Images

  • Mike Trout (LAA) +150
  • Josh Donaldson (TOR) +450
  • Manny Machado (BAL) +550
  • Miguel Cabrera (DET) +800
  • Mookie Betts (BOS) +900
  • Carlos Correa (HOU) +1400
  • Jose Bautista (TOR) +2500
  • Lorenzo Cain (KC) +2500
  • Jose Altuve (HOU) +2500
  • Jose Abreu (CHW) +2500
  • Justin Upton (DET) +3300
  • Chris Davis (BAL) +3300
  • Adrian Beltre (TEX) +4000
  • J.D. Martinez (DET) +3300
  • Todd Frazier (CHW) +4000
  • Robinson Cano (SEA) +4000

So many great young players on the AL side. I’m taking the next big thing in MLB. If you don’t know Carlos Correa’s name now you soon will.  Correa at +1400 is a steal.

World Series Winner

9/2 Chicago Cubs
9/1 San Francisco Giants
10/1 New York Mets
12/1 Boston Red Sox
14/1 Kansas City Royals
15/1 Houston Astros
15/1 Los Angeles Dodgers
15/1 Pittsburgh
16/1 St. Louis Cardinals
18/1 Toronto Blue Jays
18/1 Washington Nationals
20/1 New York Yankees
20/1 Texas Rangers
25/1 Arizona Diamondbacks
30/1 Cleveland Indians
30/1 Detroit Tigers
30/1 Los Angeles Angels
32/1 Seattle Mariners
40/1 Chicago White Sox

For a World Series winner bet you have to pick two teams and roll with 'em. The Royals continue to not get the respect they deserve. They’ll make the necessary in-season moves to add starting pitching depth and be right there at the end. 

It pains me to say this but the best value on this list is the Washington Nationals. They have the same squad everyone considered the best team in baseball just a year ago & the best player in the National League.

I’m betting the Royals at 14/1 and Nationals 18/1. |ES|