AB's Best Bets: NBA All-Star Weekend

Alex Bradford aka AB aka Daddy Degenerate is back to bless us with another set of prop bet picks. Read on, soak in the majesty of NBA All-Star Weekend, and be sure to invest in one of these.*

* Again, Eight Screens Studios, LLC makes no guarantees regarding the accuracy of these picks. You'd probably be better off risking your life savings in a Zimbabwean savings account.

To score first in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

Milos Raonic +350
Stephan James +325
Jonathan Scott +325
Win Butler +400
Drew Scott +265

Kris Wu +325

The pick: I don’t know who any of these people are. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel this year, NBA. That being said, I’ll bet big on Stephan James because he’s the only black one on this list. Also the spelling of his name has me pronouncing it as Stef-AHN in my head. The only other Stefan I know is Stefan Urquelle, the smoothest baller in the game.

To score first in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

Anthony Anderson +450
Nick Cannon +220
Jason Sudeikis +220
Joel David Moore +220
Marc Lasry +250

The pick: Okay here are my people. Let's see…you got dude from Blackish, Mariah Carey’s ex, kinda funny SNL guy, weird kid from Dodgeball and a billionaire Moroccan. This may be racist but I got a feeling Sudeikis can shoot the shit out of the ball. My money is on him.

You can wager real money on this event. America. (NBA.com)

You can wager real money on this event. America. (NBA.com)

2016 NBA Rising Stars Challenge MVP

Elfrid Payton (USA) +2500
Nikola Jokic (WORLD) +2500
Jabari Parker (USA) +2500
Marcus Smart (USA) +2000
Bojan Bogdanovic (WORLD) +3500
Mario Hezonja (WORLD) +3500
Raul Neto (WORLD) +4500
Trey Lyles (WORLD) +4500
Dwight Powell (WORLD) +4000
Clint Capela (WORLD) +4000

Andrew Wiggins (WORLD) +260
Karl-Anthony Towns (USA) +450
Kristaps Porzingis (WORLD) +600
Jahlil Okafor (USA) +850
Zach LaVine (USA) +1000
D'Angelo Russell (USA) +1400
Rodney Hood (USA) +1400
Devin Booker (USA) +1600
Jordan Clarkson (USA) +1600
Emmanuel Mudiay (WORLD) +2000

The pick: Take it from the prop bet king: It’s all about finding the best value in these MVP races. My pick is simple—people love the Zinger. There is an extremely good chance by the end of this game the crowd will be in a hysteria chanting Kristaps' name. The guy is electrifying. For the most popular player in the field, +600 seems like a steal. 

If you’re looking for a long-shot, Jabari Parker at +2500 is my pick. The man needs a big moment on the big stage after that Gatorade comeback commercial came out right after he tore his ACL. Side note for those not paying attention to the Bucks this year: Jabari is extremely overweight now. Should be fun.

2016 NBA Skills Competition

Isaiah Thomas (BOS) +215
C.J. McCollum (POR) +350
Draymond Green (GSW) +450
Jordan Clarkson (LAL) +550
DeMarcus Cousins (SAC) +1000
Anthony Davis (NOH) +1200
Karl-Anthony Towns (MIN) +1500
Emmanuel Mudiay (DEN) +900

The pick: Only a true degenerate piece of garbage would bet on the NBA skills competition. That said, I’m betting Anthony Davis. You can’t have a new Big Man vs. Guard competition and not have a big man win.*

* Ed. note: I think AB thinks the NBA All-Star Skills Competition is fixed?

2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Zach LaVine (MIN) -300
Aaron Gordon (ORL) +400
Will Barton (DEN) +550
Andre Drummond (DET) +850

The pick: This is the easiest bet of the night. Aaron Gordon is lame, Andre Drummond can’t do anything but power dunk, and after watching quite a few Nuggets games this year, I’m not certain Will Barton even can dunk. Zach LaVine is one of the best dunk contest performers in recent memory. Bet the mortgage on on LaVine. Don’t worry, just tell your wife "AB said it’s a lock!"

2016 NBA Three-Point Contest

Stephen Curry (GSW) -110
Klay Thompson (GSW) +450
JJ Redick (LAC) +500
Devin Booker (PHO) +850
Kyle Lowry (TOR) +1000
James Harden (HOU) +1500
Khris Middleton (MIL) +1800
Chris Bosh (MIA) +4000

The pick: Stephen Curry is the best shooter of all time. HOWEVAH, AB doesn’t like those odds in a eight-person field. My money is on the best WHITE shooter of all time, JJ Redick.

2016 NBA All-Star Game MVP

Isaiah Thomas (EAST) +5000
Anthony Davis (EAST) +3500
Draymond Green (WEST) +4000
DeMarcus Cousins (WEST) +5000
Chris Paul (WEST) +5000
Chris Bosh (EAST) +8000
LaMarcus Aldridge (WEST) +6600
Carmelo Anthony (EAST) +6000
Pau Gasol (EAST) +8000
Dwyane Wade (EAST) +7500
Paul Millsap (EAST) +8000
Andre Drummond (EAST) +7500

Kobe Bryant (WEST) +135
Stephen Curry (WEST) +500
LeBron James (EAST) +800
Russell Westbrook (WEST)+ 800
Kevin Durant (WEST) +1000
Kyle Lowry (EAST) +2000
James Harden (EAST) +1800
DeMar DeRozan (EAST) +2200
Kawhi Leonard (WEST) +2500
John Wall (EAST) +2800
Paul George (EAST) +2500
Klay Thompson (WEST) +2500

The pick: Listen guys, I know this is Kobe’s last game and everything, but the man can't play. No disrespect whatsoever. THE MAN CANNOT PLAY. Do not bet a cent on Black Mamba. Zero. No cents, no matter the odds.

The key to predicting the All-Star Game MVP is finding the person who cares the most. Now technically, that title would go to Kobe, but again, he can’t play. So I’m going with Kevin Durant. KD is sneaky putting together his best year ever and you know he’s going to want the MVP after not being involved last year. Tell your wife. |ES|

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