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"I'm a 'Bachelor' addict and have listened to many podcasts ... I LOVE this one. It is the best. Lighthearted, entertaining, and funny. I'm hooked." 

- Anonymous internet reviewer who surely speaks on behalf of all listeners.

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Widely recognized as the #1 Bachelor recap podcast hosted by an interracial male best friend duo, the Rosecast has grown from two dudes yammering into the abyss to an audience of more than 5,000 weekly listeners in just over a year. Longtime friends Rim and AB genuinely love the show and have an undeniable chemistry you simply will not find on other podcasts. In fact, Vulture says Rosecast is the only male-hosted Bachelor pod worth listening to, which has to count for something.

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New episodes drop each Wednesday morning after airings of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and —when we're desperate — Bachelor in Paradise


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Our Audience

Our (probably) one-of-a-kind pairing in the genre has attracted a unique audience among Bachelor recap podcasts. Naturally, our listeners are mostly women between the ages of 21 and 45, but about 20% of are men, presumably drawn to the show by our sports and pro wrestling analogies.

About 8% of our audience lives outside the United States. We have loyal listeners in Canada (particularly Toronto), Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, and Jordan (!?), among others. 

Take a look at some recent listener reviews on Apple Podcasts, where we've amassed 470 global ratings so far:


The Numbers

... keep going up! During each of the last two flagship seasons (The Bachelor and The Bachelorette), the number of Rosecast subscribers has more than doubled:

Estimated monthly RSS subscribers. For reference, the final episode of our latest season was released on September 12. For the month of August (five episodes), the Rosecast had 43,965 RSS subscribers, an average of 8,793 per episode. (Click to enlarge.)

Our season schedule, for reference:

  • The Bachelor (Arie, Season 22): Jan. 3-Mar. 7, 2018

  • The Bachelorette (Becca, Season 14): May 9-Aug. 7, 2018

  • Bachelor In Paradise: Aug. 8-Sept. 12, 2018

* Bachelor In Paradise averages 4-5 million viewers per episode, while the flagship shows of the franchise average about 7-8 million viewers.

Why Sponsor The Rosecast?

  • Our listeners trust us. We interact with them on social media and through our weekly mailbag — the relationship is personal. They trust our judgement and analysis of the show, and they our recommendations in advertisements. Also we're the kings of segues.

  • We're growing. If our trends continue, your ads will reach more listeners than you're paying for every week.

  • Sole sponsorship. Your message will be the only one presented on a single episode.

If you're not sold but for some reason still reading...

A Not-Inconsequential Culture Publication Had Some Nice Things To Say



Jada Yaun from Vulture featured the Rosecast in her rundown of the most relevant Bachelor Nation podcasts. Unlike some of our competitors, Ms. Yaun had flattering things to say about our show.

From the article:

Of the many dude-hosted Bachelor podcasts out there, Tim Kennedy (a.k.a. Rim) and Alex Bradford (a.k.a. AB) make the only one I actively like. The two are longtime best friends, have a cute dynamic, and seem to enjoy the show — which means they talk about it in a way that isn’t patronizing to anyone else who might enjoy it, or to women in general. (A rarity, believe me.) AB is black, which made for a lot of interesting insights about the show’s racial dynamics this season. I also loved hearing their takes on which guys were tools (Bryan) or awesome dudes they wanted to hang out with (Eric and Anthony, or “Big Ant,” as AB called him), as well as their distinctly male-perspective interpretation of what was happening in romantic interactions (such as when you could tell that Peter was just dialing it in). Best of all, though, is the lively storytelling of their recaps, in which Rim plays transitional music from Saved by the Bell every time they say the words, “Meanwhile, back at the house …”

We'll take it!

Our Social Media Audience Is "Engaged" With Our "Brand" (aka They Ocassionally Like Our Tweets)

Many Rosecast listeners discover the show through our Twitter and Instagram accounts, which are always active during new episodes. A handful of our posts have gotten significant exposure, and on a few occasions cast members have interacted with us directly. We’ve also had tweets featured by Us Weekly, PopSugar, Elite Daily, Post Grad Problems, and The Washington Post, of all places.

The Details

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Pricing and Packages

The Bachelor, Season 23 (first episode to be released January 7, 2019):

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