What does 'Eight Screens' even mean?

The best and most impressive freestyle rap in history is, objectively, this ten-minute burst of creativity from Riff Raff on an Amsterdam radio station in 2013. It is Jody at his codeine peak, before steroids and sobriety sapped his bizarre humor. Sprinkled among references to Tony Delk, Bennigian’s, Thailand, Garth Brooks, and Brad Daugherty, Riff mentions "eight screens" five times. The screens are in his car, in his house, even on his body. It's opulent, it's absurd, it's chaos. In our opinion, it's also a pretty good name for a web site.

So what do you do?

When a good idea hits, we fire off a blog post. (Quality over quantity, folks.) More frequently, you'll see our two podcasts show up: The Rimcast, hosted by the utterly handsome interracial best friend duo you see below, and The Rosecast, the best 'Bachelor' pod in existence.* 

I'll be the judge of your handsomeness. Let's see a pic.


Damn, you weren't lying. Which is which?

Tim Kennedy ("Rim")

That's me, the one on the left (fifty pounds ago, shhhh). 

Areas of expertise: Weight gain, college footbawl, 'Cool Runnings'

Twitter  /  tim@eightscreens.com

Alex Bradford ("AB")

On the right we have AB, trash TV savant and a once-elite basketball talent. (Popped his Achilles on the court last year, RIP.) AB and I met in fifth grade at a mutual friend's house for a sleepover. We had a competition to see who could toss full cans of cream soda into a fire pit from the furthest distance. We're now best friends and have since graduated to rum.

Areas of expertise: MTV's The Challenge, parenting, likability

Twitter  /  alex@eightscreens.com

Anybody else?

Nick Nolan ("Stat Boy")

Each week, the Rimcast careens off the rails of takedom with spurious claims and risky guarantees. Stat Boy Nolan keeps your hosts honest with in-depth fact-checking and weekly corrections. It's a mostly thankless job.

Areas of expertise: Statistics, talking about work in social situations


  ABOVE:  Do not invite Nolan to your wedding. He will outdress you. He will steal your bride.

ABOVE: Do not invite Nolan to your wedding. He will outdress you. He will steal your bride.

Just listened to a few podcast episodes. Completely blown away. How can I give you my hard-earned money in exchange for such high-quality entertainment?

Wow, thank you for the kind words. Here's a link to some merch. Most of it is "on sale" with "free shipping". (Old Kohl's trick, fyi) |ES|

*according to close friends and some family members